Is not 100% How many Japanese female college students like self

Is not 100%? How many Japanese female college students like self time now when we open the circle of friends, often see some women every day to release the contents of the self portrait. Eat to self, sleep to self, the car is also self…… The self timer seems to be a daily task for women. So for Japanese female college students, whether they would like self? Recently, the Japanese media conducted a survey. Q. will you do it? Is 26 people (20.5%) is not a total of 101 people (79.5%) from the results, the choice of self less than the average of less than 3. Let’s look at the reasons. It is because I want to tell you what to report on the recent situation, then share interesting pictures." (21 years old), after going to the beauty salon, occasionally." (19 years college) "boring, or at night when prompted by a sudden impulse." (22 years old) "when everyone is doing it." (26 years old) "when you’re in love, take a look at your boyfriend." (22 years old) "when PS." (22 years old) "when a person goes to a concert." (22 years old) "because I’m not used to taking photos with friends." (22 years old 4) – not "I feel self is a narcissistic behavior, so do not do." (21 years old) "is not a model, all day self do not feel ashamed?" (21 years old) "what a shame to shoot yourself. And he made himself the same as a beautiful woman." (23 years old) "can’t see any fun."." (22 years old) "I hate taking pictures." (22 years old) "generally I will only release a photo with a friend." (19 year old college) "no need to feel." (22 years old) Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works相关的主题文章: