Investing In The Costa Rica Real Estate Market For A Second Home-mentalist

Real-Estate Thinking about building or buying a second home? Well, think beyond the usual choices. Arizona, Las Vegas, and Florida are all great places for a second home but Costa Rica is a smarter locale to consider. Why? Because Costa Rica has everything that Arizona, Las Vegas, and Florida have to offer without the high costs associated with building or buying in those locations; Things like scenic landscapes, investment incentives, and potential for beyond exceptional returns on real estate investment. Have I got your attention yet? Thought so. The scenic Costa Rica real estate available in is extremely diverse. Costa Rica is surrounded by water on two sides so there are, of course, miles and miles of coastline and nearby costal regions that provide ocean views. Im sure youve seen some of those picturesque views on postcards plenty of times. But what you may not know is that Costa Rica land has phenomenal mountain, valley, flat lands, cloud forest and rainforest views too. Its one of the few places in the world, if not the only one, where you can find these varied landscapes in such close proximity or even have such multiple views from one location. While I think that we both agree that a great view is the value-added icing on the cake of any Costa Rica real estate investment, the foundation of a great investment opportunity on a second home or investment property is the cost-to-profit ratio. Well, with the way things are going in the current Costa Rica real estate market, the numbers are definitely in your favor. Right now, Costa Rica real estate is still extremely inexpensive when .pared to real estate in the United States. Home prices and land prices are hovering approximately 70% less than those in North America. To put that in real world terms, real estate that would cost you $300,000 in North America would cost you $90,000 in Costa Rica. Thats music to your ears, right? Well that was just the introductory chord. Now for the symphony How much are your current monthly expenses? $3,000? $4,000? $5,000? Well, the cost of living in Costa Rica is far more affordable in Costa Rica. If youre able to muster $2,000 (USD) each month for expenses (mortgage, food, utilities, housekeeper, gardener, etc.), youd be considered the middle-upper class and will live very .fortably in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a short plane ride from the United States if youre located in the South or West and a bit longer if youre flying in from the Northeast. The Costa Rican government offers significant tax breaks to people investing in real estate. Post-investing taxes are a fraction of those youd be required to pay on property in the United States. Since Costa Rica is quickly a top tourist vacation destination, land prices and real estate values have spiked as much as 300-400% in the last 10 years on some investments. As you can see, investing in Costa Rica real estate can truly be a worthwhile investment. Youll have a great second home, youll be able to pocket savings left and right, and youll even enjoy a nice return on your investment. Tell me: What other kind of investment can you make today that can provide all of that? Id venture to say, There isnt one. If youre wary about buying Costa Rica land for sale because it is a foreign land, dont be. Costa Rica is a nation thats part of the Americas and international relations between the U.S. and Costa Rica are excellent. Additionally, the Costa Rican government is seeking foreign investors. As a result, theyve put easy to follow procedures in place to make circumventing the potential red tape a breeze. Last but not least, there are international real estate investment veterans (like me!) me who can assist you along the way. by David Lovendahl, Developing Paradise About the Author: 相关的主题文章: