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Jewelry-Diamonds India has always been known for its love for Jewellery. India has some of the best and unique jewellery artisans and designers in the world. Traditionally, only the jewellery made of gold, was prevalent in India. But in the last few years, artificial jewellery has also made a mark on the Indian jewellery market. India is one of the biggest importers of gold in the world. The huge quantity of gold is needed to satiate the hunger of Indians for gold. Apart from being used for making jewellery, gold also serves as an investment option for the people. A few years back, the people of India used to wear and prefer only old and traditionally styled jewellery. Orthodox styling was very popular among the middle aged people but the youth did not prefer that kind of styling. That is why, jewellery was not very popular among the youth of India. Nowadays, the trend has changed and the jewellery market is flooded with new and trendy jewelleries. Jewellery designing .panies have started creating designer jewellery to satisfy the market demand and attract the youth. People now can also buy Fashion Jewellery from the market that .plements their style. The term fashion jewellery defines the different styles of jewellery made to .plement different fashion trends. Responding to the growing trend of fashion jewellery in the marketplace, many online portals have started selling fashion and jewellery. Customers can use these websites to buy fashion jewellery online at affordable prices. The online portals offer a very wide range of designer, fashion and ethnic jewellery. Users can select jewellery to match their style for different occasions from the online portals. Online Fashion Jewellery Shopping has be.e a huge and profitable business in India. Every year many new jewellery selling websites join the existing bandwagon. The rise of artificial jewellery has led to the creation of a new customer base. People who cannot afford to buy gold jewellery or the ones, who do not find a suitable design, form this new customer base. The Artificial Jewellery Online Shopping has also seen a rise due to the creation of this new customer base. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: