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To speed up the reform of income distribution income of these people will be a major change in the original title: to speed up the reform of income distribution income of these people will have a major change in the new network in Beijing on 12 November, (reporter Li Jinlei) Chinese the income distribution reform is constantly advancing. Recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a number of intensive reform involving income distribution heavy file. According to the new policy proposed by the paper, researchers, teachers, medical staff and other groups in the future will be a big change in income. Researchers at income spree recently, good news related to continuously research staff. First, the State Council announced in October 21st "on the implementation of opinions" focus groups stimulate activity driven by the urban and rural residents’ income, decided to implement the incentive plan of scientific research personnel seven focus groups, to achieve the overall income of urban and rural residents. Then, general office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently issued "on the implementation in order to increase the value of knowledge for a number of opinions" oriented distribution policy, proposed to gradually improve the income level of scientific research personnel, to encourage scientific research personnel through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to obtain a reasonable income, and allow researchers to do part-time work to obtain legal income. According to the above, a number of opinions, the future, the basic salary of researchers will be steadily improved, the performance of the wage distribution incentive will increase the proportion of scientific and technological achievements of scientific research into the proportion of revenue sharing will also increase. With the permission of the institution, but also to the enterprise and other research institutions, universities, social organizations and other part-time and obtain legal compensation, can even undergo engaged in scientific and technological achievements and innovation activities. As a result, the researchers will greatly raise revenue. Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter noted that many media that future researchers will "fame and fortune", scientific research personnel actual contribution and income distribution has long been the incomplete matching problem is expected to be solved in a certain extent. However, the researchers need to pay attention to some of the part-time and salary constraints. Li Meng, Vice Minister of science and technology, 10, pointed out that the work of the unit to be approved by the parties to fulfill their duties, to complete their own work as a precondition, not the cost of part-time jobs to work units is certainly not allowed. And part-time behavior can not damage the interests of the original unit, can not leak the original unit of technical secrets, these are the prerequisites. Data chart. Yang Bo photo of college teachers to increase the income channels in addition to researchers, teachers can also be in accordance with the law appropriate part-time and salary. According to the opinions on the implementation of the policy of increasing the value of knowledge as a guide, the university teachers are allowed to engage in more than one way to obtain legal income. Colleges and universities approved by the unit, can carry out more teaching and get paid. Encourage the use of the network platform and other media, to promote the quality of teaching materials and courses and other high-quality teaching resources of social sharing, teachers in accordance with the market mechanism to obtain remuneration. To carry out multi-point teaching and get paid, which for the low level of wage income, a single source of college teachers, the increase in revenue channels, is undoubtedly a good news. In the opinion of the Faculty of education of Renmin University of China vice president Li Liguo, part-time reward 7相关的主题文章: