Important financial time before and after the spring festival! The fund purchase completed in

An important financial time before and after the spring festival! Complete the   fund purchase before February 4th; source: she financial network   Author: Class A, class teacher to she financial network summarized several important points in time, February 4, 2016 1 15:00 (very important!) Purchase fund, Monetary Fund (the balance of treasure, current pass, zero wallet): it is recommended to complete the operation before this time, you can enjoy the holiday return. More than 15:00, it is also the first to confirm after the Spring Festival, the long vacation, your money will be displayed to be confirmed, not only did not want to use it for profit, do not necessarily support, so that if there are investment funds, money fund plan, please complete the operation on this point; second, once missed, do not purchase. Redemption fund, Monetary Fund (the balance of treasure, current pass, zero wallet etc.): Redemption is generally the trading day 15:00 the day before the application, the second trading days to confirm, 1-3 days arrival. The different time the fund is not necessarily the same fund company in detail. Plenty of reasons, please at least 4 days after the application, otherwise have to wait before arrival. Support T+0 redemption monetary fund, the IMF, the holidays can still be removed, such as Yu Ebao specifically to fund the company announcement. Cargo base including zero wallet, if you want to enjoy the Spring Festival during the return, the final purchase time for February 4th before 3 p.m.. After buying just bought in February 15th there is no difference, the festival was starting to return. 2, February 6th -2 14 A shares from February 6th to February 14th, during the closing transaction, not the sale of stock and fund. A transaction needs students to be optimistic about the time. In February 15th, the festival began, the stock fund return to normal trading. Two, the first batch of new shares in 2016 left the last one, released in February 1st. This is the only new TICO fashion is a company engaged in the manufacturing industry, the enterprises. Many factors in February 2016 three, the new fund by Hugh City, February has been in the plan of the new development fund is limited, the old class as follows:   four, to buy the stock and fund saving assistant skills during the Spring Festival to the transaction, cargo revenue base and look not on hand, just buy a year-end bonus. Save good assistant. This may be a lot of students plan, but the old class here to give you a very important reminder: according to reliable sources to inquire into the old class, save assistant during the Spring Festival the amount will be very nervous. How nervous? His brain up double eleven day of Taobao. So, going to buy money assistant students, suggest that you start early, this is not bad for one or two days, in order to avoid missed a fire. She financial network head teacher came here early to wish you a happy Spring Festival, grab the red hand bang bang da. The new year, the financial investment for their own salaries!   enter [Sina Finance shares] discussion 春节前后重要理财时间!基金申购在2月4日前完成     文章来源:她理财网  作者:班主任来了   一、“她理财网”班主任来了总结几个重要的时间点   1、2016年2月4日15:00(非常重要!)   申购基金、货币基金(余额宝、活期通、零钱包):   建议在这个时间点之前完成操作,则可享受假期收益。   超过15:00操作的,则最早也得春节之后才能确认,漫长的假期里,你的资金都会显示待确认,不仅没有收益,想作它用都不一定支持,所以建议:   ①如果有投资基金、货币基金的打算,请在此时间点前完成操作;   ②一旦错过,就暂时不要申购了。   赎回基金、货币基金(余额宝、活期通、零钱包等):   赎回基金一般也是交易日的当天15:00前申请,第二个交易日确认,1-3个工作日到账。   不同基金时限不一定相同,详询基金公司。把稳起见,请至少提前4个工作日申请,否则得等到节后才能到账。   赎回货币基金,支持T+0的货币基金,假期依然可以取出,如余额宝   具体以基金公司公告为准。   包括零钱包在内的货基,如果你想要享受春节期间的收益,最后的购买时间为2月4日下午3点之前。之后再买就跟2月15号买没有区别,都要节后才起算收益啦。   2、2月6日-2月14日   A股从2月6日起至2月14日闭市不交易,期间股票和基金无法买卖。有交易需求的同学可要看好时间了。   2月15日节后开始,股票、基金恢复正常交易。   二、新股   2016年首批新股还剩最后一只,在2月1日发行。这只新股是天创时尚,是一家从事制造业的企业。   三、2016年2月新发基金   受休市等多因素的影响,2月目前已在计划中的新发基金比较有限,老班整理如下:     四、攒钱助手购买技巧   股票、基金春节期间无法交易,货基收益又瞧不上,正好年终奖到手了,买攒钱助手好了。   这可能是很多同学的计划,不过老班在这里要给大家一条非常重要的提醒:   据老班打探到的可靠消息,攒钱助手春节期间额度会非常紧张。有多紧张?自己脑补一下双十一当天的淘宝吧。所以,打算买攒钱助手的同学,建议你们提早下手,也不差这一两天的,以免一失手成千古恨。   “她理财网”班主任来了在这里提前祝大家春节快乐,抢红包手气棒棒哒。新的一年,通过理财投资为自己加薪!   进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: