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"Idiotic powder" Beijing Ying point Shah Rukh Kahn left and Bo Ying point fans fans in Sina entertainment news October 27th, starring India actor Shah Luke Han action suspense large "idiotic powder" was held ahead of the point mapping in Beijing. The presence of the audience for Shahrukh Khan who played horns, superb acting around each stroke have given praise; in addition the film on the world sea, across Asia and Europe even chase action drama, also let the audience hooked. "Idiotic powder" tells the story of a thrilling story with the idol fans. An ordinary small cafe owner Gaurav, was the superstar Arian Kanner idiotic powder, because looks like the latter and also known as "little Arian". In order to achieve the purpose of high side to see the idol, Ralph evasion all the way came to Mumbai, and put a star on the beat of their idols make impertinent remarks, and recorded video, as a birthday gift to Arrian, but Arrian was very angry and called the police…… But the move led to the serious consequences of unpredictable, GAURAV turn black powder launched a crazy revenge plan. In the recently released 2016 global ten star ranking, Shahrukh Khan in eighth, since his debut 28 years, Shahrukh Khan with handsome appearance, the spirit of dedication and outstanding acting by India and the world of fans, by the Hollywood Golden Globe Awards organizing committee known as the "king of bollywood". 2010 "my name is Khan", 2013 "new year" and other action movie starring Shah Luke Han, has introduced the domestic release, and achieved good reputation and box office. As a suspenseful action movie, Shah Luke Han has got a lot of action thriller drama in "idiotic powder", he is not afraid of hardship, all personal battle deduction, film locations across Eurasia, London, Croatia, India, Mumbai, Delhi, more particularly a viewfinder, with its high Arrian in Croatia at a very local characteristics on the roof of the fight, aryen volley leap, cross holding Gaurav, knocked him back to the roof of the action thriller, a big Hollywood action style. At the same time, in the film, by special effects makeup and CGI technology, Shahrukh Khan who played horns, one is under the spotlight of the superstar, the other one is obsessed with the idol of young Indoorsman. In addition to the huge differences in the face, in the details of the characters and micro expression design, Shah Luke Han also made a lot of effort. Apprehension, fanaticism and Gaurav turn black powder after crazy, superstar Arian and outspoken calm atmosphere. The two characters are vivid and impressive. Point mapping site, most of the audience initially failed to recognize the young Gaurav by Shahrukh Khan also starred in. "Idiotic powder" by the India film company produced YRF, Chinese Film Group Corp introduced China film Limited by Share Ltd and Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. jointly issued, will be released nationwide in November 2nd. (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章: