How to cultivate children’s leadership in the United States from the child grabbed

American school how to cultivate children’s leadership should have a very good school from children in our school district, called Leadership Prep School (Leadership preparatory school), but the entrance is very fierce competition, need to draw. It’s been three years since I smoked. I couldn’t get to the best school. I had to work on my own. I put this school and picked over, found its biggest characteristic, is in the implementation of a The Leader in Me education project. I am curious to know exactly what The Leader in Me is and why it is so popular. However, in the sense of The Leader in Me what is before, and a lot of treasure dad Baoma, there is a problem plaguing me: Leadership (Leadership & Leader) in the end what is the relationship with our children? Well, we’re talking about one question at a time. Question 1 is leadership far away from children? What is leadership for kids? May be a lot of parents will feel that leadership is a part of the concept of belonging to the adult, the child is still too small, there is a little far from the leadership talk. In fact, leadership = leadership + leadership. The former emphasizes the ability of self-control, and the ability to respond to things, is the basis of the latter; a lack of self leadership, it is difficult to imagine that he can effectively lead others. Just as many things change from inside to outside, the growth of a child begins with self. Since the first image of the self that the child had seen in his early childhood, they began to develop a sense of self. Since then, they have been through various channels to understand themselves, through the external evaluation of their own to adjust themselves, and even their perception of the world is also starting from the self perception. In other words, the child’s infancy, their growth is the most critical part of the management of their own, to deal with their relationship with their own. As children grow older, their ability of management will be more and more important, and even become a dominant display, for example, know how to manage time and things, their society responsible for themselves, also know how to share with others. These qualities will be a solid foundation for the child’s adult leadership level, the child learned from the leadership thinking, will be displayed at this time. Because the management of their own people, but also can not manage others. Not only that, the ability to develop their own leadership, but also to help children with the ability to self correction, to help them understand empathy, and let the children become more efficient in the learning process. Therefore, the cultivation of leadership should start from childhood, from the beginning of the growth of self leadership. Question 2The Leader in Me in the end is what? The Leader Me in, is a training of children on the self leadership of the education program, in the domestic habit called LIM leadership education!相关的主题文章: