Hospital Grade Green Dot Cords Ensure Ultra Safe

Business Hospitals are a place with a lot of electronic equipment required to be used in different sections and departments. And for almost all of these machines, not just any kind of cords will doit has to be especially safe and that’s why hospital grade green dot cords are used in such critical medical applications. The green dot’ certification is considered to be a benchmark of safety in hospital safety standards. Earlier, medical requirements entailing the NEMA 5-20P, NEMA 6-15P etc required very bulky molded plugs. But of late, the new hospital grade cords have replaced the previous system rather efficiently. What is the importance of a green dot? Any cord that is used in a hospital set up is required to have a green dot prominently displayed near the plug-in end of the product. The hospital grade green dot cord signifies that the product in question is in made in adherence with the very stringent safety standards of the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) specification. These requirements apply to various materials and constructions. To quote the UL specification, it says that "all patient care equipment must use power cords with hospital grade attachment plugs." Hence, it imperative to use these plugs in a hospital set-up to ensure enhanced safety. However, it is not very difficult to source these Hospital grade green dot cords .There are some basic features of such cords that make it easy to identify them when you go to purchase these. Firstly, the blades of the plugs are required to be prolonged and should be made of solid brass, without folding. Secondly, the product should clearly carry the green dot and should also have the words "hospital grade" engraved or etched on it. Additionally, in order to ensure grounding reliability, a strain relief device should be installed on the inside of the plug mold. This also ensures that any additional stress to the connections is prevented. Also, these green dot products are safe to use only if they pass the stringent and ruggedized tests that are performed by the UL before it finally puts its stamp of approval. All these standard-conformations ensure that green dot products are suitable and safe to be used in any hospital set-up and any power-cord use in the hospitals. The green dot power cords are also reasonably priced as .pared to the previous ones. RV Trailer power cords are also available with a green dot now. Additionally, the inter. is the preferred source from where you can purchase these green dot cards. There are several manufacturers and suppliers of hospital grade green dot cords and RV Trailer power cords on the Inter. today. Make sure that you surf through all the relevant sites so that you can weigh the quality and pricing of all of these suppliers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: