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Hong Kong media: China tobacco control effect but not the price of cigarettes is still the world’s most expensive – Beijing Reference News Network November 24th Hong Kong media reported that the WHO general director Chen Fengfuzhen said that although the mainland China government plans to implement this ban on tobacco control, tobacco control in Chinese but still did not. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on November 23rd, Chen Fengfuzhen held in Shanghai the ninth global health promotion conference outside said: "I am very concerned about tobacco control, this is a very important theme of WHO. Who reached and adopted the WHO tobacco control framework agreement." Reported that China is the world’s largest tobacco market, there are 350 million smokers, has not yet passed a national ban on smoking in public places ordinance. In the country’s more than and 600 City, only 18 passed the local tobacco control ordinance. Chen Fengfuzhen said: I often tell Chinese officials, you have done a good job, but still not enough, there is still room for improvement. I would like to see China making progress in national tobacco control laws." National Health and Family Planning Commission spokesman Mao Qunan said that the national law is expected to take effect this year. Chen Fengfuzhen said she was encouraged to participate in the meeting of dozens of mainland mayors to take provisions or financial measures to prevent the promotion of tobacco products, tobacco companies to prevent the sponsorship of sports events. Mao Qunan said the biggest obstacle to the law is that the public is not aware of the dangers of smoking. He said: "Chinese government strengthen tobacco control campaign laws, modify the tobacco tax and pricing system, in order to comply with the US on the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control commitment." Beijing tobacco control people Wu Yiqun told the Economic Observer "said the mainland taxes on tobacco products reform started seven years ago, suffered a strong resistance of the tobacco industry, Chinese mainland sales of cigarettes is still among the world’s cheapest ranks. The expert said that tobacco control and health promotion requires multi sectoral collaboration. She said: "without the support and participation of other departments, many of our tasks can not be achieved." (compile Wei Xiaohui)相关的主题文章: