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Recipes There are certain issues to consider when choosing a new hob, like the fuel type and number of zones / burners, also the width. A halogen hob cooking zone is located beneath a ceramic glass hob. Heat comes from a halogen element, which has a fast response time. A ceramic hob is newer technology and with induction, the metal pan completes the circuit, giving fast heat and prompt switch off when removed. Hobs are becoming a style point in modern kitchens, and are accordingly available in all colors, materials such as stainless steel and interesting designs. For more .camping-outdoors-recipes.com. Wide hobs, multi-fuels and five or six zones offer flexibility but consider your usage before choosing if your kitchen accommodates more than one cook at once, position the hob away from the oven. If you cook for a large family, more than four zones may be useful, and if you have young children it may be worth considering paying a little extra for a hob child lock. Gas hobs have always been popular as they give more control and quicker heating than electric hobs. It is rare you find a modern chef cooking on anything other than gas as they offer an instant change in temperature. For more details you can login to .apples-recipes… A good kitchen layout will help hob safety, and this should be considered before placing the hob in your kitchen design. You should be able to transfer a pan from hob to sink without going through any obstacles or crossing people. Try to allow room to place the hob down either side of where it is installed, as this gives the chance to take the pan off the hob in .plete safety, rather than having to pull backwards to find space. Dont place the sink to close to the hob – hot fat reacts badly with every liquid such as water and juice. Also refrain from having the Hob near a window incase you need to open it. A ceramic hob is a smooth heat-resistant ceramic glass hob surface. The heating elements are located beneath the glass. A frequently asked question is how does induction work?! Induction hobs deliver heat to the pan using a magnetic field. The electric current passes through a coil which creates a very strong magnetic field under the ceramic plate. This field creates an induction current, which generates heat and is drawn upwards into the ferrous pan. The induction currents heat the pan instantly, which then passes its heat on to the food it contains. Advantages of induction Safety – the temperature of the glass top remains low. With an induction hob, the heat necessary for cooking the food is produced directly inside the pan; the vitro-ceramic glass hardly heats up at all, as it only receives the heat from the pan placed on it. If there is no saucepan on the hob but the power is on, the surface will not heat up until a suitable saucepan is placed on the hob. Precision cooking control – these cooking zones are so accurate that it is possible to create a constant low temperature for long periods of time, so that soups and casseroles can simmer away without the likelihood of them sticking to the bottom of the pan. Induction hobs are also extremely fast being capable of reduced cooking times, and because there is no heat wasted, they use considerably less energy than other hobs. Induction hobs are more economical than conventional hobs – when a pan is lifted off, the zone stops heating immediately. Will my pans work on an induction hob? Pans in enameled steel, cast iron or stainless steel are all suitable for use on an induction hob. Please also consider the safety aspect of having a hob in your home. Our website contains information gas consumers need to know in order to manage gas appliances/equipment safely and tells you what to do in an emergency. It also provides advice for landlords, and letting agents on how to .ply with the law. Natural gas is distributed through a network of buried transmission and distribution pipes which total around 275000 km. Gas releases have occurred as a result of mains failures but also as a result of accidental damage. Under certain circumstances, these leaks can result in a fire or explosion, and although the number of major incidents has been low, the hazards are still serious. With over 30 years experience, CORGI is considered the leading authority for information on gas safety issues around the home. Today, CORGI also provides information and support for other trades including plumbing and electrical work. CORGI was founded in 1970 to protect the public from the dangers of unsafe gas installations. We are acutely aware that poorly trained tradesmen can give the industry as a whole a bad name and bad experiences can make people extremely wary when it .es to employing someone to install or repair a gas appliance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: