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Hetian jade collection price to bring these opportunities Hongshan Xiuyan Jade sun god source: Beijing daily had the original title: ancient jade is not only the value of material on the level of a few years ago, I met a dozen blocks making low price of Song Liao period, jade dragon and Phoenix jade huang Heng, jade in the antique market. This batch of simple shapes, carving vigorous, shiny, natural patina color jade, is undoubtedly the big door of ancient jade boutique. Unfortunately, I listen to the advice of friends, not to buy. At that time, several senior jade collectors agree that this batch of ancient jade jade, belonging to low-grade goods, the appreciation of space is not high, it is difficult to transfer. Moreover, they have repeatedly stressed that the jade market, only the hard currency Hetian jade. In retrospect, this biased collection of ideas, not only misled me, but also misled a considerable number of ancient jade enthusiasts. In China’s eight thousand years of long jade mining and production history, Xinjiang Hetian jade into the Central Plains of China is relatively late. The tomb of Fu Hao, once part of Hetian jade burial, and this is by far the earliest scientific archaeological record of Hetian jade into the Central Plains region. Xinjiang Hetian jade really become the mainstream of society China upper jade history, should be through the Silk Road in Central Asia in the Han Dynasty began to introduce foreign trade from the western regions at the Tian jade. Sima Qian in the Western Han Dynasty in the "historical records" Dawan biography "records:" the poor Chinese Heyuan, the hill of jade." In the text of a "poor" word, full description of the Han Dynasty can be found in the quality of Xinjiang Hetian jade, or very easy. In other words, before the Han Dynasty, China’s total amount of jade in the official use, the proportion of Hetian jade in Xinjiang due to the scarcity of jade material supply is very limited. China jade history of four famous jade said, Xinjiang is sort of Hetian jade, Henan jade, Nanyang Dushan Shaanxi Xi’an Lantian Liaoning jade, Anshan xiuyan. According to textual research, Lantian jade as early as in the Neolithic age that was exploited, so far has 5000 years of jade history. Qin and Han Dynasties, Lantian jade carving began in the Central Plains society popular, when the Tang Dynasty reached its peak. The Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin’s "sea pearl tears, Lantian sun smoke", it is the achievements of the Lantian jade nor fame. Jade is the main material of Neolithic Hongshan Culture jade, there are at least 6000 years of history jade. Jade Henan Anyang Yin Ruins large jade Tomb of Fu Hao and Hebei Mancheng Zhongshan Jing Wang Sheng in the early Western Han Dynasty tomb unearthed jade dress, there are also a considerable part is made with Xiuyan jade. In 1952, China famous archaeologist Li Ji in "the edge stone illustrated" senior high school entrance examination certificate, 7 pieces of jade material unearthed from the ruins, all Nanyang Dushan jade. This shows that at least in the late Shang Dynasty, Dushan jade has been mined out, and has been widely used. In other words, in the long history of the development of ancient Chinese jade, Xinjiang Hetian jade debut and become the protagonist of the time is not long, but other kinds of jade collar! This one, not only are the Lantian jade, Dushan jade, jade, jade and many beautiful places. If the jade lovers can not objectively understand the history of the development of ancient jade Chinese, will Overgeneralization, mistakenly believe that only Xinjiang and Tian Yucai collection value.相关的主题文章: