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Hengqin intends to create "Oriental Blackpool experts Forum – Beijing and Beijing, Zhuhai in September 22, (Deng Yuanwen Chen Yanru) to attend the 2016 China? WDC Hengqin Standard Dance Latin dance Invitational review and guests, on behalf of 22 contestants gathered in Hengqin, they attended the forum in succession for Hengqin since development of the Arts and culture industry and trade zone. On the afternoon of the forum theme of "Dancing: innovation and open the road of cultural industries", China CPPCC member and former deputy director of the division of the Ministry of culture market Zhang Xinjian, WDC World Dance Federation Secretary General Hannes, vice president of the national policy of scientific research unit, ISTD Zhuang Royal Dance Teachers Association honorary president Michael Sitanlinuosi? Other guests were guests made a keynote speech, the proposal should innovate industrial development, build Hengqin cultural products of "going out" brand; the two is to improve the development of cultural industry chain, enhance the cross cultural and artistic appeal and vitality of the piano; three is the cultural exchange as the carrier, to speed up the construction of a new pattern of opening up close the linkage and the distance of the world; four is actively absorbing the world advanced culture, inclusive, open cultural atmosphere, promote Hengqin become culture in open education pilot area and international cultural and leisure base. The Organizing Committee of the relevant responsible person said, will strive to create "Oriental Blackpool hengqin". It is understood that the British northern town of Blackpool, Blackpool Dance Festival held not only to become the world famous tourist city, but also led to the prosperity and development of the local and surrounding political, economic and cultural. Hannes, Secretary General of the WDC World Dance Association, also said on the forum, the organization has been exploring a variety of ways to support and expand market openness policies to promote the development of various forms of dance art. Hengqin deputy party secretary Ye Zhencheng: "2016 China Hengqin WDC Standard Dance Latin dance international tournament after China International Circus Festival, WTA Tennis Classic, Hengqin FTA area held an international cultural and sports." He believes that the move will further enrich the Hengqin free trade area to build the style of open education pilot areas, with the connotation of the construction of Macao World Tourism and leisure center. (end)相关的主题文章: