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Hefei Metro Line 1, plans to set up 50 security checkpoints will be opened by the end of next month the passenger test operation of Hefei Metro Line 1, has passed the anti-terrorism, fire safety training and testing. In November 2nd, Jianghuai Jianghuai morning news network reporter from Hefei city public resources trading center was informed that the subway security will become the No. 1 line of each site of the standard, all the stations will be set up 50 security checkpoints, a large number of "artifact" will allow flammable liquids, explosives, toxic gases, radioactive substances and other dangerous goods no place to hide. All located 50 checkpoints, passenger station is the focus of the Hefei Metro Line 1 phase one or two project of HeFei Railway Station, North South nine joint station, a total of 23 stations along the line, the length of 24.58 km. The latest open line one or two project safety equipment procurement and installation projects are being carried out before the publicity needs of the public, line 1 will be equipped with security equipment across the line on the 1. The future, line 1 security will focus on the HeFei Railway Station, high iron station site and other high traffic, material and human resources tilt in these sites, security efforts will also increase. According to the announcement, line 1 security personnel in accordance with the configuration of each station at 2 checkpoints, in the DongMen Railway Station and Hefei south station as a transfer station, need to set up 4 security checkpoints across the board, a total of 50 set up security checkpoints. Across the board is equipped with 20 through the security gate, channel type X X-ray security inspection equipment (large) 6 units, respectively arranged in the HeFei Railway Station 2 Taiwan, high-speed rail station 4; channel type X X-ray security inspection equipment (medium), the big 4 in DongMen Railway Station, HeFei Railway Station and Hefei station, the station of the 2 taiwan. The security of each point in addition to a 2 metal detector, will also configure desktop flammable liquid detector, portable liquid tester, portable explosives detector, gas detection equipment, radioactive detection equipment, anti explosion blanket, dangerous goods tank and other equipment. Sophisticated equipment make dangerous goods no where in the future, after the passenger station ticket, first by the screeners guide for security check through the security door, or will the baggage check in X machine placed on the conveyor belt. The image is blurred, unable to determine the nature of the goods, on-site security personnel will open the package to check. Portable explosive detector like the nose of the dog, very sensitive. If the X ray safety check device suspects that the passenger’s luggage is explosive, it will come in handy. No need to open the package when sampling without reagents or complex sampling tools, can pass through any closed (sealed) and hidden barriers to search for suspicious substances, through direct air sampling or wipe, collected by fried ingredients subject internal evaporation or surface residue were detected. Once the explosive, it will immediately put into the explosion-proof ball to prevent the explosion caused damage. If the X X-ray security inspection equipment with suspected liquid passenger luggage, you need to check out. A flammable liquid detector of bottled liquid and cans for liquid detection. Ordinary water and drinks on the tester, the green light, if it is contraband gasoline or alcohol and the like, are red light. In addition to the desktop liquid detector, security points will be equipped with PEI相关的主题文章: