Hechuan Jianshui ecological civilization city is expected to invest 2 billion yuan shuyue

Hechuan Jianshui ecological civilization city is expected to invest 2 billion yuan Daily reporter Intern Xu Qin Hu Jincan Chongqing daily news Hechuan Sanjiang confluence of Jialing River upstream, is the main. Yesterday, an interview with the environmental group into the field trip to Hechuan. Hechuan District vice mayor Xie Dong said, for the protection of water in Sanjiang, Hechuan in recent years has increased the environmental infrastructure construction, completed a total of more than 890 kilometers of city network, implementation of the transformation of 233 sewage interception, let the city sewage collection and treatment rate of 88%; completed 23 town sewage treatment plant and pipe network construction, the basic realization of full coverage of the town street sewage treatment plant. At the same time, also completed the construction of urban waste collection and transportation system, urban garbage harmless treatment rate of 100%. Completed the forbidden area 187 farms ban, relocation and non restricted areas of livestock and poultry farms in 145 sewage treatment projects. Xie Dong said, the next step, Hechuan is expected to invest 2 billion yuan, the implementation of the sewage treatment plant and supporting pipe network, living garbage disposal field, building garbage disposal plants and a number of environmental infrastructure construction. By 2017 to achieve full coverage of sewage, garbage and other environmental infrastructure. At the same time, plans to invest 2 billion 500 million yuan, continue to promote the protection and restoration of water ecological system, complete the Jade River Ditch Reservoir, reservoirs, reservoirs and other light dragon 9 key lakes and five river, Nanxi River, Anxi River, small ERON 12 secondary river ecological restoration project. By 2020, basically built water ecological civilization city.相关的主题文章: