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Head! The 1 change 2 trading wizards markieff – Sohu of Beijing sports to Washington on February 19th news, from the "YAHOO" sports reporter Samas Chalaniya reported that informed sources, the suns and wizards to complete a deal. The specific content is: the Suns markieff – Maurice sent to Washington, DeJuan – Blair, Chris – Henry Vries from wizards, and 1 of the 2016 top 9 protected first round pick. Makiv’s farce in Phoenix finally ended. Last summer because of dissatisfaction with the management in a notice in case of brother Marcus sent Maurice, Makiv to the Suns forcing seeking transaction, this also causes the alliance a paper ticket. This season, markieff repeatedly traced with former coach Geoff – Hornacek feud, also an altercation with teammate Archie Goodwin, and strangled Goodwin. It’s interesting that, just this week, Makiv said he wanted to stay in the suns. Makiv, 26, signed a contract with the Suns for 4 years in the summer of 2014 with a total value of $32 million. He averaged 82 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2.4 steals in his career, averaging 15.3 points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.2 steals during the last season, averaging 11.6 points, two rebounds, and two assists. Prior to this, Makiv had been involved with many teams, including the rockets. For the wizards who entered the eastern semi finals last season, they continued to lose weight". After chasing the pelican forward Ryan Anderson, they traded for the Suns to get the horse. After the deal, the wizards will be able to vacate about $28 million in salary this summer, enough to allow them to contract Bradley Bill and pursue Kevin Durant. The Suns have basically missed the playoffs this season, while the wizards are now 23 – 28 and tenth in the east. (Jim)

刺头走人!太阳奇才1换2交易 马基夫奔赴华盛顿-搜狐体育  北京时间2月19日消息,来自《雅虎体育》记者萨马斯-查拉尼亚的报道称,消息灵通人士透露,太阳队与奇才队完成一笔交易。具体内容是–太阳队送马基夫-莫里斯至华盛顿,从奇才队得到德胡安-布莱尔、克里斯-亨弗里斯,以及1个2016年前9顺位受保护首轮签。   马基夫在凤凰城的闹剧终于落幕。去年夏天因不满管理层在不通知一声的情况下送走弟弟马库斯-莫里斯,马基夫向太阳队逼宫寻求交易,为此还遭致联盟一纸罚单。本赛季马基夫多次被曝与前任主帅杰夫-霍纳塞克不和,另外还与队友阿奇-古德温发生口角,并掐了古德温的脖子。有意思的是就在本周,马基夫表态希望留在太阳队。   现年26岁的马基夫在2014年夏天与太阳队签下一份为期4年总价值3200万美元的续约合同。上赛季他打满82场常规赛,场均得到职业生涯最高的15.3分6.2篮板1.2抢断;本赛季数据有所下滑,场均有11.6分5.2篮板2.4助攻入账。   在此之前,马基夫曾与包括火箭队在内的多支球队传出过绯闻。   而对上赛季打进东部半决赛的奇才队来说,他们继续“瘦身”。在追逐鹈鹕队大前锋莱恩-安德森未果后,他们转而与太阳队交易得到马基夫。   完成这笔交易后,奇才队今夏能腾出约2800万美元的薪金空间,足以让他们向布拉德利-比尔开出高额续约合同,并追求凯文-杜兰特。   太阳队本赛季基本无缘冲击季后赛,而奇才队目前的战绩是23胜28负排在东部第10位。(jim)相关的主题文章: