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Customer Service Government approved translators are more authentic and reliable for certified translation services. They are recognised by the government and are authorised for translations of government related documents required by the government offices and embassies.The translations done by these translators are seen as authentic and equivalent to the original source document for legal proceedings, immigration processing at embassies, etc. Government approved certified translation is required for Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate Divorce Certificate, Judgment, Police Record, Power of Attorney, Will, Academic Degree, Diploma; University Transcript, Adoption Papers, Naturalization Papers, Immigration Documents, Dream Act Translation, Patents, Legal Contract, Court Documents, Any other official document that is requested by Consulates, Visa Offices, Embassies, Government bodies and local courts. The translations done by certified and registered translation organization gives the confirmation that the project conforms to the strict international quality standards set forth by ISO and EN governing bodies. Engaging a translation agency with knowledge, skill, and experience in all translation services is very essential. The translation agency should be able to work within the given budget and deliver the finished product in the stated format. Translation agency should possess a thorough knowledge of the countries, regions, and dialects represented by the target audience, not in order to translate into dialect, but, on the contrary, to translate into universal standard language and to avoid particular words that may offend or lead to misunderstandings because of their different meanings in various dialects. A certified translation agency with years of experience in the field successfully serving to a variety of clients is an assurity for quality translation. Lyric Labs is one such translation .pany established translation agency having its presence around the world and providing integrated translation service for more than 8 years now. It is an ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 Certified Translation .pany providing .plete translation solution. The .pany has more than 1500 certified translators who are native speakers of 100 and more languages. Lyric is one of the top 15 .panies in Asia offering translation services for 140 and more languages. At Lyric Labs, customer Satisfaction is placed above the pricing and any other service criteria. Its Certified Translation is accepted by almost all Government Departments, Embassies and Courts Worldwide. It is known as full service provider globally from translation and desktop publishing to website and software localisation with industry-specific translation. A certificate of translation signed by the translator or translation .pany representative, attesting with his or her signature notarized by a Notary Public assures that the translator or translation .pany representative believes that the target language text is accurate and .plete precise translation of the original language text. Translations certified Lyric Labs is the proof for the authenticity of the translated document. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: