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Go to Australia 5 R & F winter tour warm-up for the new season – Sports Sohu   in order to better prepare for the new season of the Super League, this morning, Guangzhou R & F team has departed for Australia, will be a half a month of winter tour in Australia Sydney, to test the effect of training. In January 5th, the team in the University City training base after the rally, officially opened the preparations for the prelude in 2016, all the players have shown a very high training enthusiasm. During the training period, four warm-up matches were held in the University town. The team went to Sydney, Australia, coach Stojkovic hopes to consolidate and strengthen the training effect before, so that the team can better run in, improve the quality of technology and tactics, for the 2016 Super League to lay a solid foundation.   Australia during the winter warm-up race decimating coach Stojkovic will lead the team to adjust the competitive state, make full preparations for the 2016 Super League and FA Cup! In during the winter training, the team will be the five teams were from Australia and Western Sydney wanderers FC, APLA Levin, Bernie Carter City, Sydney white Eagle Oliver PEAK FC, 58 Sydney United five friendlies. 富力启程飞赴澳洲冬训 5场拉练热身备战新赛季-搜狐体育     为了更好的备战新赛季的中超联赛,今晨,广州富力全队已经启程前往澳洲,将在澳洲悉尼进行为期半个月的冬训拉练,来检验训练的效果。   1月5日,球队在大学城训练基地集结之后,正式拉开了2016年的备战序幕,全体球员都表现出了非常高的训练积极性。在大学城训练期间,分别进行了四场热身赛。   此次球队前往澳洲悉尼,主教练斯托伊科维奇希望巩固和强化之前的训练效果,使全队能够更好地磨合,提升技战术的质量,为2016中超联赛打下坚实的基础。  富力澳洲热身赛程   冬训期间主教练斯托伊科维奇将带领队员调整好竞技状态,为2016年的中超联赛与足协杯赛事做好充分准备!在冬训期间,球队将分别与来自澳洲西悉尼流浪者FC、APLA莱卡特城、保尼白鹰、悉尼奥利匹克FC、悉尼58联队的这五支球队进行五场热身赛。相关的主题文章: