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To support more new subject (as saying the new rural) – View – new agricultural business entities is an important force to promote the development of modern agriculture of our country, to listen to their voices, to give more care and help in recent months, home a few acres of land circulation has been the folks I consult to agricultural subsidies. And when he learned that this year will be "three fill in one, support and protection of agriculture subsidies will focus on tilt their large grain like, really happy for a while. But then he called: asked the township and county, said the implementation of the program is still in the formulation. Time waits for no man, this subsidy could do when the hair down?" There is a reason to worry. He is the transfer of the land rent of 1000 yuan per mu, the annual autumn and winter wheat harvest and before two payments. These two periods usually do not have income, but to pay a few hundred thousand dollars a one-time rent, who put this is a worry about people. If the government subsidies for agricultural subsidies can be issued at this time, they will be "timely rain" for these new agricultural business entities". Not long ago, and several planting, breeding large exchanges, they have some family farmers, some cooperatives leaders, have expressed their desire for policy support. A large family of corn account: land transfer costs continue to rise, food prices are declining, a year invested about 1000000, the profit margin of only about 10%. Urgent need for liquidity to banks could not borrow, heard that the financial policy to help farmers do not enjoy. But a large dairy farming area with the said last year to the pilot subsidy, although the Fed "a ton of forage subsidy is only 20 yuan, but he felt very warm," that the government is concerned about us, motivated enough!" In recent years, with China’s land speed, new agricultural business entities team of large grain, family farms, farmers’ cooperatives, agricultural enterprises continue to grow. In the current "after 70 to 80 90 not farming, farming, don’t talk about the realistic background of farming", these new subjects are willing to engage in agriculture, and to promote the use of new ideas, new technologies, new production management mode to the transformation of traditional agriculture to exemplary and leading role of ordinary farmers, has become the promotion of modern agriculture the development and protection of national food security an important force. But these new subjects are also facing a variety of troubles. At present the most serious problem is the land transfer prices of agricultural products, low prices, profits has been compressed, resulting in a lot of people do not want to engage in low yielding crops, the individual area of land "non food" trend. For example, the difficulty of loan financing, land circulation is not standardized, infrastructure is weak, the level of agricultural insurance and other issues are restricting the growth of new business entities. Therefore, the government should give more care and help to them, listen to their voices, solve problems, and effectively protect the enthusiasm of new subjects. For example, some areas of land rent is high, it should be guided by rational expectations of all parties, so that prices return to a reasonable level, thereby reducing the operating costs of new subjects. In fact, the current management of new business entities相关的主题文章: