Girlfriend asked her boyfriend to break up a nude photo shoot the police involved in the removal of clonecd

Girlfriend to break up her boyfriend nude threat of police intervention to delete photos – Sohu news online news November 1st according to the Anhui daily news a man because of a trivial quarrel with his girlfriend, but his girlfriend broke up, her boyfriend asked to see the last one, two people at the rental relationship in the man, the woman was her boyfriend nude threat. Yesterday, who lives in a district of Wanjiang road Chen came to the area police station said, she asked her boyfriend if you do not agree to the composite, her boyfriend would put her nude photos posted online to. The 30 year old Chen, who lives in Hefei City Wanjiang Road area, there is a talk for more than a year’s boyfriend liu. Chen said, recently, she and her boyfriend frequently quarrel, a few days ago, she told Liu made a break. Chen said, October 30th, Liu said goodbye to her for the last time, eat a meal together, as a souvenir. Bear boyfriend several requests, Chen in the 30 day to Liu’s rental office, together after dinner, and the other half in a relationship. Chen police said, 31 early in the morning when she woke up and found her boyfriend with a mobile phone to take pictures of her naked, this let Chen both surprised and angry. "I asked my boyfriend to delete the photo. Also said that I do not agree with the complex relationship, he took more than a dozen photos uploaded to the Internet and WeChat group." Worried about her boyfriend make a radical move, Chen came to the area police station early in the morning. Area police station quickly involved in the investigation, the man surnamed Liu summoned to the police station. After receiving some criticism and education, Liu will be in the mobile phone and U disk girlfriend more than ten nude photos completely deleted.相关的主题文章: