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Finance Many business owners, technical innovators and scientific researchers are discovering a new way to raise the money they need to launch their new projects without banks, loans or investors – crowd funding! Crowd Fudning is emerging as the newest phenomenon in the world of financing. So new in fact that theres no consensus of opinion on exactly how to spell it or what to call it. Youll sometimes see spelled as 2 words – crowd funding, or one word CrowdFunding or Crowdsourcing. However you spell it, whatever you call it, its all the same thing. An awesome way for business owners, inventors and researchers to raise money without bank loans or giving away interest in their company or idea. Basically, it allows project owners to solicit pledges, or micropledges from people who are interested in supporting or backing a project in return for some type of reward. Once the project funds, the people, or backers who pledged their support dollars, will receive a reward, predicated upon their pledge dollar amount. One of the newest and fastest stars rising on the CrowdFunding horizon is FundaGeek. FundaGeek is unique among the crowd funding platforms because it is expressly designed to provide funding for Inventors, Technical Innovations and Scientific Research. One of the primary reasons why supporters and project owners like crowd funding and the FundaGeek platform is that they are able to retain 100% ownership in their invention, product or business and do not have to pay dividends to backers or interest to a bank or lending institution. Once the project successfully funds and the Backers receive their rewards, the Project Owners receive 100% of the money collected minus only a small 5% or 9% fee collected by FundaGeek for their services in helping to market and promote the project. Where else can you find a platform that allows technical innovators and scientific researchers the ability to reach such a large audience? Imagine the time and energy it would take them to do it on their own! The 5% or 9% fee is well worth the marketing power that FundaGeek provides all the members of their website. So why wait? Whatever you want to call it; CrowdFunding, crowd funding or Crowdsourcing, its the new wave of the future when it comes to helping business owners, inventors, tekkies and scientists, quickly and easily raise the money then need to bring their ideas to fruition and new products to market. To learn more about FundaGeek, visit them online at: ..fundageek../ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: