Fujian provincial government to determine the implementation of the policy of rural housing insuranc t6570

Fujian provincial government to determine the implementation of the policy of rural housing insurance 23, governor Yu Weiguo chaired the executive meeting of the provincial government. The meeting decided to carry out the policy of rural housing insurance scheme, support disaster victims rebuild their homes; determined to further improve the poor relief personnel support system, effectively protect the basic livelihood of poor people; to determine the "Internet plus circulation" plan implementation, accelerate the circulation modernization. The meeting also studied other matters. The meeting pointed out that the development of rural housing insurance to improve the rural social security system, enhance the overall resilience of the rural masses, is the embodiment of the party and the government for the purpose of the people. Governments at all levels should take "government led, market operation, financial support and voluntary insurance" principle, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen the division of responsibilities, grasp policy propaganda, to help the affected people in rural reconstruction and resumption of production, maximize the protection of the basic interests of the affected people. Meeting the requirements, from the beginning of July 1st this year the implementation of the new standard for flood disaster claims, the rural masses have early access to insurance claims. The meeting stressed that the basic living security and rural poor people, is to improve the social assistance system, an important measure of tightknit prison livelihood safety net. Departments at all levels should adhere to the government led, underpinning support, scientific standard, standard service management, strengthen financial security, to establish and improve the urban and rural areas, policy convergence, standardized operation, and economic and social development level of the poor relief personnel support system, the poor personnel all eligible for assistance, so as to safeguard their the basic living rights and interests. The meeting pointed out that the "Internet plus circulation" is becoming an important way of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing development to achieve economic and social. We must focus on promoting the implementation of promoting the transformation and upgrading, promote the development of circulation and circulation innovation to speed up the wisdom of the circulation infrastructure construction, encouraging the expansion of new areas, the development of green consumption intelligent circulation and consumption, and promote rural e-commerce, promoting the development of electronic commerce in the community of seven key tasks, promoting the circulation of information, standardization, intensive development, to further accelerate the "Internet plus" development process. (reporter Zhou Lin) (Fujian daily) >相关的主题文章: