Four Secrets For Early Spring Walleye

UnCategorized Early spring walleye fishing can be a good time to fish or it can be the worst time to fish. Fishing in the spring will depend on a few things including, the best time to fish, the weather, the type of bait, lures and jigs that you use and what to expect when fishing walleye at night. Before you set out for a day or night of fishing walleye in spring, you have to check things out to see if the day is the day the fish will be biting and if you will have a catch to bring home to the table. Best Time The best time to fish for walleye during spring is during and just after the spawn. The males will feed during the long swim to the spawning grounds, but the females usually avoid eating until after the spawn is done. If the females are spawning, you can start baiting them on their way back to the deeper waters. However, the males can be baited anytime. The males usually stay around the spawning grounds after the females leave and will be feeding before heading out to the deeper waters when they are done. You can find most of the walleyes in shallow waters when the May flies start hatching, which can be a test of your need to fish. If you can stand the flies all around you, you will surely catch some walleyes during this time. The walleye will .e to the hatching ground to feed. Weather The weather has to be just right and the water temperatures must be right for the walleye to .e into the shallow waters for spawning and just feeding. The ideal water temperature will vary from state to state, but for the most part, the walleye will start .ing to the shallower water when the water temperatures start hitting the higher 40’s. The air temperature will be about 60 to 68 degrees F. However, the air temperature should remain warm for days in a row to warm the water. Sometimes the water will start warming and then drop back down, which can delay the spawn for days or weeks. Usually the walleye will start heading in form the deep water after the ice out, but as mentioned before, the water and air temperatures must be right as well. If the day is overcast or drizzly, you will find the walleye in shallow water as well on any given day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: