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Foreign media said Japan to build a new intelligence system can be instantaneous monitoring of any region of the world map: Japan launched spy satellites. Reference News Network reported on February 2nd   Japan "Yomiuri Shimbun" published in January 31st entitled "the government will establish a global Geospatial Intelligence System alone for rescue Japanese" reported that the government will set up a global geospatial information system alone, the satellite pictures and the government’s data together, to grasp the instantaneous control of armed forces the area. The new system will be in use in 2016. In 2015, the security related Act allowed the SDF to go abroad to solve the kidnapped Japanese and so on. The government hopes to use the system to ensure the safety of the SDF members and help to quickly rescue the hostages. At present, Japan uses 4 intelligence gathering satellites, 24 hours to shoot and receive information on the earth. The new system will integrate these images with local hospitals, power stations and other important facilities, armed forces control areas, bridges, roads and other damage data. For example, when the SDF transported the wounded overseas, they could retrieve the nearest hospital and security path through the new system, and send the exact instructions to the members. The Security Act passed in the autumn of 2015 stipulates that the SDF can go abroad to rescue the kidnapped Japanese and the UN related persons who have been attacked by armed forces. But the status quo is that although there are satellite images, but can not be combined with the hands of the data, "can only be compared to various documents and information provided by the United States and other comprehensive judgments" (government language). Therefore, there are suggestions that when the Japanese are held hostage or trapped by terrorist forces overseas, the headquarters may not be able to make a prompt instruction to the self defense forces. It is expected that the new system will also be used for overseas disaster relief activities and UN peacekeeping operations. The new system is developed and used by the cabinet satellite intelligence center directly under the prime minister’s official residence, and can be shared with the defense province and the police department if necessary. The Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of defence will provide various data combined with satellite images. 外媒称日本打造新情报系统可瞬时监控全球任何地区 资料图:日本发射间谍卫星。   参考消息网2月2日报道 日本《读卖新闻》1月31日发表题为《政府将建立独自的全球地理空间情报系统用于解救日本人》的报道称,政府将着手构建独自的全球地理空间情报系统,将卫星图片和政府掌握的数据结合起来,以瞬时把握武装势力控制地区的情况。新系统将在2016年内开始运用。2015年通过的安保相关法案允许自卫队前往海外解决被绑架的日本人等,政府希望通过活用该系统来确保自卫队员的安全和帮助迅速解救出人质。   目前日本运用4颗情报搜集卫星24小时对地球进行拍摄和接收信息。新系统将把这些图像与当地医院、发电站等重要设施、武装势力控制地区、桥梁、道路有无损害等数据综合起来。比如自卫队在海外运送伤员时,可以通过新系统检索最近的医院和安全路径,向队员发出确切指示。   2015年秋天通过的安保法案规定自卫队可以到海外解救被绑架的日本人和救助受到武装势力袭击的联合国相关人士。但现状是虽然有卫星图像,却无法与手中掌握的数据结合起来,“只能对照各种文件和美国提供的情报等进行综合判断”(政府人士语)。   因此有意见表示,当日本人在海外被武装势力挟持或被困于恐怖事件现场时,指挥部可能无法对自卫队做出迅速指示。预计新系统还将用于海外救灾活动和联合国维和行动。新系统由首相官邸直属的内阁卫星情报中心来开发和运用,在必要时可以与防卫省和警察厅等共享。外务省、防卫省将提供与卫星图像结合的各种数据。相关的主题文章: