Food industry unspoken rules expired food production date re marked two

The food industry unspoken rule: expired food production date re marked two sales – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Xi’an on November 1st news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the tampering production date of condiments, you dare to eat? Yesterday, Xi’an Lianhu District food and drug administration law enforcement officers in a warehouse withheld a batch of production date fuzzy seasoning. Some members of the public report, once worked in a trading company warehouse, someone will condiment production date by chemical products and then erase, in the bottle to spray on the new production date. After the treated condiments, warehouse workers are re packaged for sale. After investigation, the warehouse is indeed suspected of tampering with food production date. Insiders told reporters, in the field of food circulation, the two sale of expired food production date is altered or re marked after the industry is "unspoken rule". As consumers, how to identify the authenticity of the production date? Weapon industry, in the purchase of food, carefully observe the production date, no corrections after the purchase confirmation. If you do not worry, consumers can also use the hand to rub on the packaging production date, production date is generally the original seal or EFI, hands can not wipe directly; and the modified production date, hand touch, color began to become shallow. The supervision department checks at the same time, as consumers, should also be vigilant awareness, let criminals no loopholes.相关的主题文章: