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Depending on how much body weight you have gained weight loss after pregnancy can take some effort and time management. The important thing is to set your mind from the beginning and believe in your heart that it can be done. In this article I will provide you with essential guidelines to maximize your effort so you can lose the excess body weight and get back to your normal shape, or even better if you think you need to. One thing is to realize here and that is if you had a cesarean section surgery or C-section surgery then you need to set your goals a little differently than a woman who has had a normal childbirth. The reason for that is because the woman who had the C-section surgery typically needs a significant amount of body healing time. And it can take as long as 4-8 months depending on how fast your body recovers and can fully perform fitness workouts. After all it is a major surgery, and they cut through all these abdomen tissue layers to get to the baby. Weight loss after pregnancy and nutrition This is no different than a regular woman who is seeking to lose weight and was not pregnant before so the rules are almost the same but for a few exceptions. If you are breastfeeding, then you need to eat nutrient-dense meals to produce mothers milk to feed your baby. Other than that you make sure to stick to following guidelines: Consume whole foods like, -Whole eggs, -All kind of meats like fish, beef, chicken, turkey, and so on, but not processed meat. . -Fresh or frozen vegetables. But whenever it is possible stick with the fresh produce. -Fresh or frozen fruit. Again, same as above, but it is best to consume fresh fruits as priority. -Dairy products especially yogurts and other similar dairy products where they are loaded with probiotics. -Each of your meals should have a portion of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. -Try to eat from 4 to 6 meals and that is including snacks. Time to Exercise – Asking a woman to take care of a baby, manage some house tasks, and work a full or part-time job is overwhelming and I totally understand. But the issue here is your body wont understand this and will keep gaining weight. So as a woman being skillful in managing all the responsibilities towards your family and your job, I am sure you can handle and manage some time to invest in your health. So when your qualified physician gives you the green light to start exercising: -Start working out gradually and progressively, and listen to your body and be the judge of when you are ready to take it to the next step. -If you are juggling with different tasks and you have only 10 minutes at this particular time, then do it and then exercise for another 10 minutes at a different time of the day. In my experience of training women with this same situation this can be as challenging both mentally as well as physically. 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