Focus the advantages and disadvantages of dilinghua how rational choice to study

Focus: the advantages and disadvantages of dilinghua how rational choice to study at present, "the study (course) had become the trend of younger age. The newspaper today open column, focusing on "dilinghua" phenomenon, interpretation of the latest trends in the study of younger "and cause pain and joy about primary and secondary school students to study abroad, study how to rational choice to study. The evening of August 4th 7, the Los Angeles International Airport, the 17 year old China student Wang Hu (a pseudonym) on tenterhooks. Has been at the airport for 20 hours, he is still waiting for the night of the living room waiting for the reply. Click to the next page again brush WeChat, trying to "rub sleep" was slim, to start searching rental information…… The United States three years of students, Chuluanbujing calm to allow several fellow Chinese waiting to turn marvel. But Wang Hu say it felt a broken heart, "no parents, no stable friendship, not familiar with the environment, no resonance caused by the culture, the loneliness is my biggest enemy". Recently, with the TV series "farewell" hit, small groups of students together with younger students phenomenon once again become a public topic. Young students like according to the survey "Chinese study net development report Chinese and globalization think-tank, the latest release of" (2015), compared with 2012, 2015 at home and abroad to university to finish high school students decreased from 61% to 44%, to go abroad in high school students than cases rose from 17% to 27%. More than 1/3 of students plan to go abroad to study in high school or matriculation and language school. Li Dequan, a member of the board of directors of the international education and Education Committee, has taught for many years in public and private high schools in the United states. He believes that the young study upsurge in the future will continue to heat up, "with Korea and Taiwan students in the United States experience for reference, young students will keep the peak about 20 years. Since the United States in 2008 to open primary and secondary school students in China to start, in accordance with the practice, this peak is also sustainable for more than 10 years". "Last year I didn’t test the key high school senior high school entrance examination, listed in the parents of the principle of Ningquewulan sent me out." Wiley, a student at in Houston, Dezhou, said, "a lot of students are almost as good as me, I can’t get into a good university in China, so as to avoid the college entrance examination." But Wang Junyang, a student at University of Toronto, now more and more students have been able to look at the rational study abroad, and make a reasonable plan. "I started planning from junior high school, so I chose international class in high school and strengthened my study of English and local culture." In addition to the selection of students, an important reason for the number of middle-class parents also increased dilinghua intensified. According to the "Chinese International Development Report (2015)" shows that in 2015 the intention of high school students studying abroad parents occupation for Industry and service industry the proportion of employees in the first place, more than the proportion of parents for occupation managers and professional personnel. "In fact, the pros and cons of young students studying very hard, very sad." Li Hua, a senior high school student in the eastern United States, told reporters, "language is not pass, and do not adapt to foreign high school courses, I am particularly tired of studying abroad, can only sleep 4 hours a day"相关的主题文章: