Exposure Chelsea eager to clean the small French pad wages outside the introduction of another midfi-x3210

Chelsea is eager to wash pad exposure method to introduce a salary to rent another midfielder in Chelsea prospect of sina sports news according to the British media, Chelsea intends to rent in the winter will be Fabregas, to save a part of salary space, to the introduction of Conti wanted the midfielder. The times said the 29 year old is expected to be rented out, and Conti plans to introduce a tough midfielder. Small law in Chelsea is 160 thousand pounds a week (another argument is close to 200 thousand), is the wage third star, but so far this season, he made only 1 starts in the Premier League, Conti will act as a substitute of small complete positioning. In accordance with Chelsea’s plan, the winter will be a small law outside the rent, the rent by the borrower to take part of the wages, which can make up some of the salary space, and then introduce a more appreciated midfielder Conti. "The times" also revealed that during the summer, on transfer deadline day, Chelsea intended to give the small law on loan to AC Milan, a small law broker also participated in the negotiations, but ultimately failed to agree on the three party pay conditions, Milan asked Chelsea to continue to take a large part of the small law division, it is unable to accept the blues and the potential loan move failed. At present, Chelsea rented a total of 38 players in Europe, wages are borne by renters, a blues from pocket to take the player’s wages, or to rent to Torres AC in Milan, now they want to rent a small law, the purpose is to relieve the burden of wages, of course. Rent a small party by all wages is not realistic, but the hope at least one part can take them. (LEGION)相关的主题文章: