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Web-Development Transformation in modus operandi of business transactions shows that those who update themselves according to the technological changes place themselves at safe business environment. Emergence of Internet technology helped .panies sell their products or services online to buyers wherein buyers needed to fill all the required detail and pay online for their transaction; notwithstanding what security of payment is required buy the buyer during the transaction. Though there are several types of e.merce activities, the two foremost i.e. B2B and B2C have been gaining momentum. Whereas B2B stands for Business-to-business, B2C is Business-to Consumers. In B2B caters to the specific requirements of businesses in .modity exchange or the mutual transactions between two business organizations. On the other hand, B2C deals with consumers directly wherein individual consumers buy products online paying online e.g. eBay, Snapdeal, etc. An e.merce web development .pany gives significant importance to security feature which ensures buyers that their transaction is safe and secure as well as fraud-proof. Plenty of online fraudulent cases happening globally show that online transactions too are not safe and a lot of effort has to be put to make them safe and secure. Nevertheless, buyers often feel apprehensive about the .pany, paying online, receiving the ordered product or service, etc. Similarly, an e-.merce web development .pany should ensure that .panies involved in online transactions with consumers are able to provide safety and security of the data furnished during online transaction. Some major online activities such as electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, electronic data interchange (EDI), Internet marketing, online transaction processing, etc. are the cardinal part of e-.merce web development service. Along with the above mentioned e.merce web development services, some other such services including of inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems development are fundamental. However, without the World Wide Web, e.merce cannot be made possible as it is something which is used at one point or the other when an online transaction is made. Thanks to the a range of technologies including of e-mail, mobile devices, telephones, etc. e.merce is swift and available. With e-.merce website, .panies can consolidate their international trade and .merce as the outreach of WWW is global and buyers or business from various parts of the world are eager to sell or buy the products or services. E-integration is pivotal in e.merce activity in accentuating the .mercial activities with global interactive business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: