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Marketing Its nearly back-to-school time, and for an educator that means another year of keeping kids motivated to learn, in school and off drugs. Good grades and the promise of a brighter future are both important, but something most kids don’t fully grasp or appreciate. Simply adding a tangible reward, however, can really bring the message home and make all the difference to a kid who might be struggling. Inexpensive challenge coins clearly depicting the goal are a valuable tool you can use to remind kids of their aspirations, help keep them on track, and reward them for their achievements. Historical Significance Challenge coins got their start during WWI, when they were given to members of a unit to not only prove membership (when challenged) but to improve morale and team spirit. Unit commanders might also give special coins to members in recognition of an achievement or other honor. Today, these coins are highly prized as collectors items, and organizations such as Scout troops, ROTC units, and sports teams continue to use challenge coins as rewards for a job well done and for team building. Reward, Encourage, and Empower Help seniors face the world with integrity by challenging them to make a positive impact on society. A challenge coin presented at graduation can help students achieve their goal of making the world a better place for all. Your school colors and a meaningful quote or class motto on a top-quality metal coin is a valuable keepsake theyll treasure for years, and which will remind them of their pledge. Troubled students often gain the greatest benefit from challenge coins. Kids at risk of dropping out may stay in school longer if their efforts are recognized and rewarded with a quality memento. Consider rewards for attendance, improvements in grades or study habits, or other accomplishments. Like participation in group activities, these tokens of achievement can help troubled teens feel as if they belong, making them much more likely to succeed. Rewarding students for a job well done is important, but you might find getting kids to commit to a goal is easier when you seal their pledge with a challenge coin. For example, kids who vow to stay off drugs may find it easier to keep their promise if they have a reminder like a challenge coin to carry with them. A simple motto on a quality metal coin is often enough to help kids resist temptation, even when their peers put pressure on them. Choosing Your Challenge Coins Challenge coins are available in a nearly endless variety of colors and designs. You can incorporate your school colors, your mascot, graduation year, class motto, or any other meaningful information. Stamped metal coins have a sophisticated look perfect for solemn occasions like graduation ceremonies, while soft enamel coins allow you to add color and additional details to your design. Challenge coins can be almost any shape, and range in size from 1.5 to 3 inches in diameter. When choosing a challenge coin vendor, be sure to look for a supplier who offers custom color matching, so you can be sure your school colors are accurately depicted. Delays in shipping can ruin a carefully planned ceremony, so ask about turnaround times as well. Lastly, many people like to display their challenge coins as a reminder of their achievements. Ask your supplier if they offer stands, cases, or other accessories, so youre not left hunting for suitable alternatives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: