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Vacation-Rentals Encinitas California sits on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. To the north of Encinitas there is Batiquitos Lagoon and the San Elijo Lagoon to the south. First people living in the area of today Encinitas Ca were Indians called San Dieguitos, the La Jollans, and the Dieguenos. The City of Encinitas California was founded around 100 years ago and today consists of five .munities that take pride in their own distinct personalities. "Historic Encinitas" occupies the Highway 101 Corridor that parallels the beautiful beaches and ocean. "New Encinitas" centers on El Camino Real. "Cardiff-by-the-Sea" is made up of quaint homes dotting the hillsides overlooking the sea. "Leucadia" is famous for its giant eucalyptus trees that line the main thoroughfare on the Coast Highway. "Olivenhain" (which means "olive grove" in German) boasts plenty of open horse country, pastures, and a rural way of life. Beautiful Encinitas, in northern San Diego county, is perched on the coastline about 30 miles from downtown San Diego. To get there by car, you would take the Interstate 5 north, or you could hop on the Coaster, a train that runs between San Diego’s main train station and Oceanside (about 10 miles north of Encinitas). The Coaster only runs on weekdays with a limited schedule on Saturdays and no service on Sunday. Encinitas is one of the most beautiful cities in California. It is considered to be the symbol of beauty in the United States and second in California. Located along the blue Pacific coast, it enjoys a warm, dry climate that never fails to delight visitors. The glorious sunrises over the mountains and the awesome sunsets over the Pacific serve as incredible natural attractions for the tourists. The Encinitas hotels are centrally located to ensure a broad view of the surroundings. Encinitas houses some of the best resorts and luxury hotels. Many of them are located along the waterfront. The other types of Encinitas ac.modations include discount hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, beach hotels, and condo rentals. The wonderful weather in Encinitas ensures good business, since tourists visit the place throughout the year. Cleanliness is an integral part of the hotels strategies. These Encinitas hotels struggle for customer pleasure and offer excellent facilities. Luxury Encinitas hotel along the coast provide deluxe rooms with an ocean view. The catering service ensures a luxurious American breakfast along with a selection of different cuisines. The guests enjoy several facilities in the Encinitas hotel like outdoor pools and non-smoking rooms, and within the rooms, they are provided access to voicemail, cable TV, and coffeemakers. Many Encinitas hotel provide transportation to neighboring attractions of Encinitas. The tourists definitely get their moneys worth in the attractive discounted vacation packages introduced by the hotels, which include breakfast, lunch, and a visit to the local attractions. A visit to Moonlight Beach is another highlight. This wide, sandy beach, at the bottom of a hill that gently rolls towards the Pacific Ocean, offers swimming, surfing and sand volleyball courts. The "moonlight" in the name of the beach .es from the fact that residents used to .e to the area for midnight picnics in the early 1900s. On a sunny California day (and there are many!), a walk along Moonlight Beach, with its palm-fringed cliffs is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of this region of the world. This Encinitas ac.modation is ready to receive you in Encinitas. A good way to get in touch with the "flavor" of Encinitas ac.modation is to stroll along its downtown thoroughfare, South Coast Highway. Here, you’ll encounter a variety of novelty boutiques, antique stores, sporting good stores, surf shops and a wonderful variety of restaurants, ranging from upscale bistros to down-home diners. If you like vegetarian fare, be sure to visit "The Roxy". For under $10 you’ll get fresh, tasty salads and imaginative dishes that are hard to beat at twice the price. Another favorite is "The Siamese Basil", a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant that is big on taste. A day-trip to Encinitas is well worth your time–and it’s subtle, relaxed, friendly charm will stay with you for a long time to .e. In Encinitas ac.modation you can feel the beauty and I ensure that you will not miss your home because of Encinitas hotel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: