Employees steal 17 boxes, apple 7 mobile accessories worth 230 thousand yuan (video)-vidalia

Employee theft 17 boxes of apples 7 mobile phone accessories worth 230 thousand yuan in October 17th and early in the morning, Wujiang an electronics factory warehouse administrator in the inventory of goods, suddenly found a dozen boxes of Iphone7 mobile phone accessories disappeared. A total of seventeen boxes is stolen, there are small mobile phone backlight, some $9, some $11, a total of RMB two hundred and thirty thousand yuan. On duty, security guards recalled that on the night of October 15th, no suspicious personnel had been found and no one had carried anything. So, who took these cell phone accessories? By looking at the monitoring, the night of the warehouse wearing a factory clothing employees, attracted the attention of the police. The monitor showed that after the man had turned around in the warehouse, he began to move the boxes with mobile phone accessories to the corner of the warehouse. Subsequently, through the comparison monitoring, the police found that the man entered the warehouse door, hand carried is an empty bag. But when you go out, it’s full of stuff. Police judge, the man has a major crime suspect. When the investigation reached an impasse, the police in the vicinity of the factory monitoring, but also had an unexpected discovery. According to the license plate number, the police eventually captured the suspect Gao Mou in October 19th. Originally, Gao was more than 20 years old, only in October to enter the factory work. Gao an account, the night of the incident, he is the first part of the box with mobile accessories, moved to the monitoring blind area. The bags were then taken out of the warehouse. Originally, the fence of the factory used iron fence, there is a big gap in the middle. In addition, the perimeter of the fence is just the monitoring blind spot, so the suspect can take advantage of the machine. At present, Gao has been under criminal detention. Extended reading: Shenzhen customs uncovered nearly one hundred million yuan mobile phone accessories smuggling case (video and articles irrelevant, for reference only)

员工偷盗17箱子苹果7手机配件 价值23万元 10月17号一大早,吴江一家电子厂的仓库管理员,在清点货物时,突然发现十几箱Iphone7的手机配件不见了。总共被盗的是有十七个箱子,有大有小的手机背光板,有的是价值9美元,有的是价值11美元,一共人民币是二十三万元。值班保安回忆,10月15日当晚,并没有看到有可疑的人员出入,也没见什么人搬运过东西。那么,这些手机配件是被谁拿走的呢?通过查看监控,当晚仓库里一名身着厂服的员工,引起了民警的注意。监控画面显示,这名男子在仓库转了一圈之后,就开始把装有手机配件的箱子,往仓库的角落里搬。随后,通过比对监控,民警发现,这名男子在进入仓库大门时,手里拎着的是一个空袋子。但是出去的时候,袋子里却装满了东西。民警判断,这名男子有重大作案嫌疑。就在调查陷入僵局的时候,民警在工厂周边的监控中,又有了意外发现。民警根据车牌号,最终在10月19号将嫌疑人高某抓获。原来,高某今年二十多岁,10月份才刚进入这家工厂工作。高某交代,事发当晚,他先是把装有手机配件的纸箱,搬到了监控盲区。随后,又用袋子把这些配件带出了仓库。原来,这家工厂的围墙用的是铁栅栏,中间留有很大的缝隙。再加上围墙周边正好是监控盲区,所以给了嫌疑人可趁之机。目前,高某已被刑事拘留。扩展阅读: 深圳海关破获近亿元手机配件走私案 (视频与文章无关,仅供参考)相关的主题文章: