Eleven golden week the international gold price dropping to the lowest level in nearly 4 months, Jia-wh60a

"Eleven" golden week the international gold price dropping to the lowest level in nearly 4 months — Jiangxi — people.com.cn channel during the National Day golden week, the international price of gold plummeted over the past few days, the probe to nearly 4 month low. Expert analysis, the Fed interest rate hike is expected to be the next two months on the gold rope. The New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures market trading was the most active December gold price 4, compared with the previous trading day fell $43, to close at $1269.7 an ounce, down 3.28%, hit the biggest one-day decline in more than two years. International gold price has been falling endlessly for nearly 10 days". After the "bloody" market, 5 gold market expansion technique of long resistance market, the price of gold rebounded to above $1270 an ounce. Zhu Zhigang, vice president and chief analyst of Guangdong Gold Association, said that the biggest bearish trend in the current international gold price fluctuations is the market expectations of the Fed interest rate hike. Fed officials recently published a series of interest rate hike hawkish remarks, said the rate hike is ripe, the market for the fed to raise interest rates during the year is expected to continue to heat up, which helped the dollar index refresh over two to 96.31 week high, to suppress the price of gold. And some bears take the opportunity to force more, is also an important factor causing the 4 day slump. Zhu Zhigang believes that the "eleven" golden week, China’s gold market closed, so that the international price of gold lost an important multi strength. Investors need to focus on Chinese gold market after the opening performance, if the international price of gold is still unable to rebound to more than $1300 an ounce, the gold is not optimistic. (reporter Fu Hang) (commissioning editor Mao Siyuan and Qiu Ye)

“十一”黄金周国际金价下探至近4个月来新低–江西频道–人民网 国庆黄金周期间,国际金价连日暴跌,探至近4个月来新低。专家分析,美联储加息预期将是未来两个月勒在金价上的绳索。 纽约商品交易所黄金期货市场交投最活跃的12月黄金期价4日比前一交易日下跌43美元,收于每盎司1269.7美元,跌幅3.28%,创两年多来单日最大跌幅。 国际金价近10天来“跌跌不休”。在经历“血雨腥风”的行情之后,5日黄金市场展开技术性多头抵抗行情,金价反弹至每盎司1270美元以上。 广东省黄金协会副会长、首席分析师朱志刚表示,当前国际金价波动的最大利空是市场对美联储加息的预期。近日美联储官员接连发表对加息的鹰派言论,称加息时机已经成熟,令市场对美联储年内加息的预期持续升温,这帮助美元指数刷新逾两周高点至96.31,打压了金价。而一些空头趁机逼多,也是造成4日暴跌的重要因素。 朱志刚认为,“十一”黄金周期间中国黄金市场休市,让国际金价失去重要的多头力量。后市需要重点关注中国金市开市后的表现,如果国际金价依然无法反弹到每盎司1300美元以上,则全年金价不乐观。(记者付航) (责编:毛思远、邱烨)相关的主题文章: