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Health When it .es to drug discovery, one thing that cannot be denied is the huge amount of time the process takes and the expense of this to businesses, organisations and research laboratories. But these days the drug discovery process takes scientists and researchers much further than just the laboratory, it can take them as far as outer space, to the planets beyond earth itself. There can be no doubting the importance of medicinal chemistry research, after all it is from this that we are able to benefit from drugs and medicine to treat just about every .mon ailment, or at least relieve the symptoms of these. We have access to painkillers specifically for headaches, period pain, back pain and much more, as well as decongestants for when were finding it difficult to function due to cold or flu. With this in mind, the cost of developing such drugs, not to mention those that are developed not just to alleviate symptoms but to cure serious illnesses such as cancer and to manage diseases such as diabetes, seems to pail into .parison when you consider the importance of such medicine. This is why testing antibodies in space to ensure that they work in spite of changes to the bone structure and gravitational pull experienced when in space seems justifiable in terms of time and money. Travelling to space to test new drugs is not a new idea, scientists and astronauts have been pairing up for years to fly mice and other animals to space to test the effect of drugs on bone loss and muscle-wasting diseases. In one such case, 30 mice were flown to space aboard the shuttle Atlantis on its final voyage. These mice had been treated with an experimental bone-loss drug called STS-135 24 hours earlier and the idea was to test the bone structure, bone .position and bone strength of these mice once in space, .pared with these metrics when the mice were on earth. Such experiments are the lengths that are needed to go to in order to ensure that drugs licensed for use on humans are safe and effective. While the costs may also be out of this world, the benefits surely outweigh these in the end, and remember that the results of this type of research will be made available in online medicinal chemistry libraries in order to help future drug development, reduce the cost and streamline the process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: