Double 11 courier suffering day 1 hours to tear a thousand copies of a single express (video) doat

"Double 11" courier "suffering day": 1 hours to express a single tear thousand copies (Figure 1) in November 13th, "double eleven" end of two days, most people are still focused on the business of the delivery time and changing the update status of logistics. It is estimated that this year from November 11th to 16, the volume of the volume of Shanghai express or will reach about 100 million, the peak day is expected to close nearly 20 million. 10 years ago, the courier this line also is "freedom of occupation", do not grab the time unfettered, "every morning after delivering the goods can also take a nap." But no one expected that everything is different now. Reporters yesterday and STO wearing master together to send the day express, experience the express courier behind the pile up like a mountain hand, work more than and 10 hours a day of hard work. In the face of people can express the mountains, efficiency, service attitude and actual income standards, "double eleven" this national carnival, a courier "suffering day". Shopping Festival: courier’s suffering day, now Shen Tong every year ‘double eleven’ have to recruit hundreds of temporary workers." While wearing a master car delivery courier, while chatting with reporters. Although it is the weekend, but at half past eight in the morning of the Songjiang District Maunsell road have already been coming and going of large trucks blocked the way, keep going, STO transit station Gates was mobbed, temporary workers wearing a blue vest together, ready to give a copy of your power has begun the "double eleven" express war in the corner, the side door of the station, as well as the staff sitting in a "popular" sign, to volunteer to do temporary registration of the people. In 2006, the courier industry just entered the near wearing master can also send finished goods in the morning, you can still go back to take a nap, "when there is no express so much more freedom." And now, he must get up early at half past six when entering the warehouse receipt to start, do not delay the delivery schedule of the day. "Packing, components, in order to save time when delivery, or express will send out the morning." Dai Master said that he is not particularly fond of the existence of double eleven, because often double eleven arrival, courier is suffering day began. Time to morning 9:30, stop to work in three consecutive hours after wearing master Bang shut the trunk door, ready to start the delivery day. He is responsible for the transfer station near the industrial zone of the school work, a few years ago his money to buy a small van, using the express delivery area than Zhudongju van convenient, in addition to the driver’s seat, the whole car full of parcels and snakeskin bag, wearing master smiled, "Sunday express in fact, is not the largest, because industrial zone, many workers do not go to work today, but already very busy." Delivery: get off and jump stairs run on Industrial Park express distribution, the weekend is special, the master will wear the habit of one day in advance to confirm whether or not to work well the recipient for second days, there is a fixed pattern of his mobile phone SMS, call tone, to avoid the use of all the rude one a phone call or SMS inquiry after landing will send a lot easier, "some guard)相关的主题文章: