Dongyu Zhou Zha bug how to go about sparrow question

Dongyu Zhou: what’s wrong with bug? "The sparrow" has a question: the king’s (from a micro signal can say junengshuo) before I say "sparrow" I want to talk about it…… Every girl had lived another different themselves, each of the girls has a let yourself feel envy bestie, each girl had become a woman, facing the contradiction of reason and emotion. There is a movie recently, "the old stems two girls" woman in the world to show in front of the audience to play nice; it is called "July and still". (baby Anne novel of the same name) in July and still, two met 13 girls in July; quiet like water, quiet as they are entirely different in character and publicity; they are attracted to each other. A glance to see, this is the youth movie with "red rose and white rose" old stems, in July and she also fell in love with the same man. The two opposite girl, fell in love with a man, a tear open concession Ningba story, commonly used routine is baby Anne. To tell you the truth, at first I didn’t expect anything from the movie. But the wind is not bad, I finally could not help but to contribute to the box office. As an aside, and in part to the contribution of reason, is directed by Derek Tsang (Eric Tsang [micro-blog] the son of producer Peter Chan (Sandra Ng), [micro-blog] husband), the theme song of Dou Jingtong (Dou Wei and Faye Wong’s daughter). Sure enough, as of July [micro-blog] Ma Sichun, and she played Dongyu Zhou [micro-blog], can with the film won the "acting" by leaps and bounds. I want to say Dongyu Zhou first. The first to see the cast, I thought it was Ma Sichun in peace, Dongyu Zhou in July. After all, before Ma Sichun played the "left ear," Li bar, Dongyu Zhou played the juvenile class, the "Zhou Lan"; however, they have chosen a different role in the past. In Dongyu Zhou’s film, "autumn Hawthorn Tree", "palace lock incense incense", "my deskmate" Zhou Xiaozhi, "" the juvenile class Zhou Lan, is quiet, watery and weak female characters; even the "Matt Zhou Lijuan" challenge to kill wild with joy. Is green. Dongyu Zhou, why are so many characters all week? The movie "my deskmate"): but this time alone, completely different. (the following involve spoilers, do not want to know can directly slide to the picture. Quiet inside surface) deviant, eager to settle the warmth of love; in July, people are not allowed to hurt in July July; fall in love with her boyfriend, then follow the man you don’t love Trekker; July left the daughter, raise their own; give yourself a swap in July and one chance to live. Dongyu Zhou’s performance can be described by two words — aura with July to enjoy the freedom of pride; intimidation July boyfriend, so he must be on July after the small, Joseph; see July and Ming well assured eyes; his family back to Ming in July, he left in July; "just tell.相关的主题文章: