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Business First will see what ERP & SAP is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is enterprise wide information system which consolidates information from various functions/departments of an organization. Here function means Supply chain Management, Manufacturing, Operations, Customer relationship management, Human resource, Payroll, accounts, finance, Wearhouse Management, etc. SAP ERP solutions can help grow your business to the point where it easily reaches its full potential. End to End People soft consulting Solution PeopleSoft is the leading enterprise software vendor in the world and is used primarily by mid and large sized global firms. Strategic planning and visioning * Business requirements analysis * Project planning and management * Data Migration Services * Design and Architecture * Application development and customization * Interfacing and integration with other applications * Pre/Post software implementation reviews * New release installation and training * PeopleSoft upgrades, installation, and migration * Application Support PeopleSoft solutions allow you to reduce costs, while increasing revenue and anticipating new business opportunities. That is the path to business success. SAP Implementation SAP Implementation is the whole of processes that defines a complete method to implement the Enterprise Resource Planning SAP ERP software in an organization. The SAP implementation method described in this entry is a generic method and not a specific implementation method as such. It is based on best practices and case studies from various literature sources and presents a collection of processes and products that make up a complete implementation method to allow any organization to plan and execute the implementation of SAP software. SAP implementations are crucial for competitive advantage in business. Parts of those competitive advantages are efficiencies, integration, and automation when properly implemented. To achieve these benefits, you entrust your business, your company, your enterprise, and your employees to a group of technology and business gurus believing these experts will help you achieve your goals. In such a critical business endeavor you need the best software and the best consultants that money can buy. As a result, SAP and other ERP consultants have typically been some of the highest paid professionals in the technology sector. With one or two full implementations, about 2 to 4 years of experience, it is not difficult to get a full time position in industry or consulting, paying $80K to $100K, or even more. For a decent contractor, that amount can easily be double or more. The U.S. average salary for a doctor or lawyer is around the same amount as the full time position. However, unlike doctors and lawyers, there is no hard entrance requirement except claims of experience and the ability to get through the interview process. Remember also that these compensation levels are in the region of senior management or executive pay at many companies. Because of the potential goldmine, SAP consulting is a target for cheats, cons, and liars. Worse yet, theres an entire cottage industry set up to help write fake resumes, coach potential applicants, and even do initial phone screens to help these individuals cheat their way into their first real project. If you need REAL SAP consultants then we can help! About the Author: SAP Consulting Services If you are looking for staff augmentation, permanent employees, project QA and audits, or any number of other services ( ) please feel free to contact us ( ) for more information. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: