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Home-Improvement Designer Bedroom Furniture Here is a chance to do something extraordinary for yourselfchoose a modern bed and end up with a bargain for a whole bedroom. Adding a chic, sleek piece like the Hot Rod modern bed will get you sleep like you never imagined. The clean lines and sensible proportions add style to your surroundings. You choose the color and this sets the mood for the rest of the room. Bedroom Suites Nothing can beat a coordinated bedroom set better than designer ware like the natty Histoire Corner bedroom suite that makes a dreary corner come alive. It includes a cantilevered, padded headrest and a remote control that positions any way you choose. Retractable drawers with tap lights are just a few of the other conveniences. Coordinate with Accenti bedroom dresser to convert an ordinary space into a room most people only dream about. Affordable Bedroom Suites Function, mood and harmony are the factors that spell the difference between designer bedroom and the usual, like the unique masterpiece designed by Mauro Bertame along Feng Shui principles with its low base and soft canopy that makes you want to curl up and let your mind roam wherever it fancies. Strike out at our affordable bedroom suites like the Mantra Suite for that new look that turns admiration to envy. Elton Leather Bed When it comes to a contemporary bed, leather love wins again especially with the Elton leather bed. The crocodile leather-covered headboard and platform provides a grand repose for that much needed rest. While the elegant Alexia platform bed with its curved headboard gives every indication of being your best choice for a no fuss option. Modern Armoire A new range of the armoire has a refinement that catches the eye with its simple proportions like the tall Prometeo modern Armoire that has three pull out drawers and sideboard with spacious shelves that can also hold your home video unit. Think of a modern multi-functioning armoire and you have the Soho collection that can also convert to a TV armoire for the living room. Bedroom Dresser A bedroom feels complete with storage options like an elegant bedroom dresser. With amazing simplicity, the Tamu Twin bedroom dresser with its unique bridge of high glass lacquered glass top can also function as a desk top when required, making it a convenient choice when space is tight. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: