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UnCategorized There are all types of procedures that can happen in your mouth these days. Technology has improved greatly, and with new technology .es easier, and more advanced methods of performing old types of procedures. One procedure that is a lot different than it used to be is having a tooth pulled out. Tooth extraction isn’t done the same way it used to be when someone would take the pliers and pull the tooth out. And, this was without any medicine to numb your mouth. Today, there are sterile environments, antibiotics, and pain medicine given so that the tooth extraction is safe and as painless as possible. Why would a person still need a tooth pulled when there are all of the improvements in technology and medicine? Reasons for an Extraction There are still a lot of reasons why a person requires a tooth to be pulled out. Not everyone has dental insurance, therefore, visits to the dentist don’t always happen every six months like they are supposed to. Visits to the dentist could be spaced years apart, resulting in decay that is beyond repair. Pulling a tooth is an option when it still has active decay spreading, and a root canal or other dental work is not affordable. When a teenager is growing, their teeth also grow. Wisdom teeth start .ing in during the teen years for many kids and can press their teeth forward in their mouths. Pulling out wisdom teeth can lessen the pressure, and keep the teeth straight, if they already had braces in them to fix the already crooked teeth. Tooth extraction can also happen before dental work, like braces being put on. A tooth might be an extra one, it could be too crooked to fix, or it could be damaged, and it will not be needed when other teeth are healthy and in good condition. The tooth can be pulled quicker and cheaper than it can be repaired sometimes if it is not really needed. Another reason a person might require a tooth extraction is because of an injury. Getting hit in the face with something, a car accident, a fall, or any number of reasons might break a tooth off or cause it to partially crack or break on its own. Removing the tooth is always an option so then a fake one can be put in its place. Care After an Extraction The dentist who extracts the tooth will provide instructions on caring for the mouth after the procedure. Antibiotics will probably be prescribed to take for about a week until the area of the gums is closed up and healed properly. Eating certain foods will also probably be banned until the gums close up or the stitches are gone, if there were any that were needed. Pain medicine might also be a way for the dentist to keep your mouth feeling good after a tooth has been pulled from the area. No matter what the dentist’s instructions are, follow them until the area is .pletely healed and you have gone for a post-extraction checkup to make sure the mouth is healthy again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: