Daughter was born only 2 hours officers apologized to his wife went to the disaster area yvette yates

My daughter was born only 2 hours the officer apologized, bid farewell to his wife rushed to the disaster area 28 days, Wenzhou military defense battalion instructor pan Changle just gave birth to a baby girl, but then came the typhoon disaster. He did not hesitate, and immediately rushed to the front-line comrades flood. 17:30 on September 28th, Wenzhou military defense battalion instructor Pan Changle watched the infant newborn daughter, heart with untold joy. Suddenly, military combat duty room phone: 17 typhoon "catfish effect" in Wenzhou, many secondary disasters happen waterlogging, mudslides, landslides, with the first batch of battalion commander rescue team to the disaster area, please immediately return to the camp Pan Changle served as the second batch of disaster relief team commander. Pan Changle contritely and his wife to say goodbye, immediately put into relief. It was only two hours before her daughter was born. In a rainy night, Pan Changle led troops, after nearly 2 hours of high-speed motor boats, wading, carry boat crossing, finally arrived in Pingyang pit town of Ruian city. In the face of the people trapped in the flood, the soldiers comforted you don’t panic, while a flashlight to rescue. In a two storey residential building, the flood has spread to the floor of the 2 floor, trapped in the crowd of 4 people, the situation is very critical. Pan Changle command rescue officers and soldiers will assault boats on the 2 floor balcony, he and the soldiers together with the back, hold, hold, etc. will be the successful transfer of the elderly and children trapped in the assault boat 4. On his way back, he encountered a shallow water, he and the soldiers pushed the boat forward, so that the masses safe transfer. 29 on the morning of 3, bu Zhen Ao Di Cun Ma Pingyang County, there are 88 people trapped by flooding. Because the water level is high, rapid flow, narrow alley, civil rescue team 3 rescue failed. Pan Changle received a phone call for help, LED emergency rescue teams rushed to the scene in the rain. Heard cries for help, a company commander for adventure motorboats break rescue. Pan Changle decisively rejected the reckless behavior, sent to the local people and various reconnaissance advice, find out the flood danger. After careful consideration, the officers and soldiers over a number of houses, and then thrown nearly 20 meters long rope with a rope fixed to assault, successfully rescued the 7 trapped people…… After more than 3 hours of intense relief, trapped 88 people were finally transferred to the safety zone, no one injured relief officers and soldiers.相关的主题文章: