Current Job Scenario Demands Greater Emphasis On Vocational Training Programs-t6570

Business The U.S. economy is right now going through a promising phase. According to political and financial experts, introduction of advanced technologies coupled with some positive policy changes domestically and rising economic trends globally, are sure signs of the beginning of an industrial renaissance. Domestic natural oil and gas scenario looks quite good so also the manufacturing sector. This in turn guarantees more lucrative job opportunities within the country itself. A study conducted by The Society of Manufacturing Engineers envisages a whopping rise in demand for skilled employees in important sectors like energy and manufacturing. Due to lack of adequately trained manpower, vacancies will rise and the figure may touch an astounding 3 million by 2015. The National Research Council supports this concern too. Experts feel that current pool of students or workers having proficiency in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, are not enough to meet growing demand at workplaces. Even those who have necessary academic qualifications are lacking in practical skills. This huge gap between demand and supply needs to be addressed immediately; otherwise the nation’s economic future will be jeopardized to a great extent. While the private sector is quite happy with the changing scenario and is ready to embrace it, the educational system seems to be lagging behind. Hence a reassessment of the education scenario is urgently required. If it is important to reinforce STEM education at the university level, it is equally significant not to overlook vocational and skill based training programs. The current job trend foresees creation of more and more employment opportunities, especially in the energy and manufacturing sectors, where technical hands-on skills will be needed to succeed in the career path and these kinds of expertise can’t be acquired through high school learning. It may sound surprising but according to a study conducted by the Centre of Education, a four year degree program is no more enough to guarantee financial security. Rather experts believe that the fastest way to earn a six figure salary is by completing vocational training or STEM related programs from any acclaimed institute. It is high time to stop stigmatization of vocational education. What is needed is a change in mindset among parents who often equate career advancement with academic success. Enrolling for a polytechnic institute is looked down upon as a kind of consolation prize since the candidate is not bright enough for a degree program. However, the reality is that the distinction between white and blue collar careers is getting blurred gradually. Hence, if a candidate can complete apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs successfully then he/she can easily grab lucrative opportunities. The promising thing is that more and more polytechnic institutes are coming up in the United States which offer customized training programs. These programs are designed to bring out inherent talents of each candidate and help sharpen their skills. Counseling sessions are arranged so as to assess each candidate’s background, skills and requirements. Training plans are offered accordingly. Once the program is over, the institute further prepares candidates for the job market by providing them with necessary interview tips. Reference taken from : About the Author: 相关的主题文章: