Consumers Association in response to tiger wounding incident operators should protect consumers-poper

Zhongxiaoxie response tiger wounding: operators should protect consumers "Badaling wild zoo tiger wounding incident 3 months later, the injured tourists for the first time to claim the zoo, and the Badaling wildlife zoo says it is not liable to pay without compensation, but also for humanitarian compensation. In October 20th, China Consumer Association Legal Department responsible person said, in the management, protection of consumer safety is the first responsibility of the operator; in the main responsibility, the operator is the first responsibility of protecting the safety of consumers, consumers "illegal" is not equal to the operator without responsibility. According to the Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the Yanqing news, killing one and injuring the tiger attack, is a self driving tour of tourists in the beast area when secretly get off, suddenly the tiger attack. The zoo has signed a "self driving tour the park car damage agreement" and "self driving tourists, and must abide by the following provisions into the park, the beast area must be shut down and lock the doors and windows, no feeding food, non off", "as a result of violation of the provisions of the occurrence of vehicle damage and personal injury. Car owners should assume the corresponding liability". In this regard, the Consumer Association, said the head of the legal department, the protection of consumer safety is the primary responsibility of the operator, the operator must be in place to ensure the safety responsibility. Article eighteenth of the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests, the operator shall ensure that the commodities or services provided by them shall meet the requirements for the protection of personal and property safety. That may endanger the personal and property safety of goods or services, it shall make a true statement and clear warning to consumers, explaining and indicating the correct use of goods or services, as well as the method to prevent the occurrence of the harm. In the process of self driving tour, the vehicle may be damaged, mechanical failure, visitors sick, physiological needs, such as the need to open the door for help, resulting in consumers exposed to fierce animal attack range. As a business organization to carry out highly dangerous tour projects, only issued warning and the signing of the agreement is not enough, for matters involving consumer life, should take more effective measures and a degree of risk, such as vehicles for the installation of protective devices, mining isolation trenches, equipped with self-defense tools etc.. At the same time should be set up lifeguards, the allocation of anesthesia guns and other equipment." China Consumer Association, said the head of the legal department.相关的主题文章: