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Travel-and-Leisure Every region in India is filled with enough that can move you, but each rests in a state of unassuming humility. This is especially true of a state called Rajasthan. This sandy western abode is not just a scorching land which is filled with desert, but also one of the most visually stimulating experiences in the world. Nowhere else can you find such simplicity, innocence and grandeur all co-exist in such harmony that it makes your trip just overwhelming. There is no place to start in Rajasthan. Where you first set foot is where the magic begins. Every place in Rajasthan is unique, and although you will find palaces, forts and grand designs no matter where you go, no two experiences will be quite the same. The colors begin to explode in the palaces of Rajasthan. There is one is almost each city worth a mention. The solid marble, exquisite pink sandstone and pale bricks inspire a different mood in each. within, the colors start to .e together in the golds and shimmers of chandeliers, brocade in the upholstery, and the deep ochre and crimson of the drapes. Matched perfectly with the immaculately laid out crockery, the look is so .plete that you can even feel the presence of nobles and kings. Rightly so, too, since several of them continue to reside here. If you are lucky, you can be the kind to have life served out to you when staying at palace hotels. The colors assume different shades out in the open. The gay turbans are not made of silk, but are as delightful and The skirts worn by the ladies may be of thick cotton, but they are stylish and attractive. Contrasted against the warm colours of the earth, this makes for a wel.e blend. Take a look at the exquisite jewellery made using metals, shells and lac, these can put designer pieces to shame. The foods have as much color. The spreads are lavish, and no one can say that this is where scarcity is another truth. The yellows of the pulses, rich red of the curries and greens of the fresh vegetables and leaves is apparent not just in the way they are presented, but also in the taste that arouses your taste buds. The handicrafts, weaves and workmanship cannot be ignored. There are ranges of treats including metal and brass works, marble artefacts, brocade and silk, and even leather that fill shops waiting to delight you. Pick up clothes, gifts and even carpets that are made with precision and taste. The greatest colors unravel as you move through the hotels and resorts designed for you. Designed to highlight the glorious images of Rajasthan, you will find traces of grandeur in everything around you. Cottages spread across several acres with golf courses contained within them, grand palaces created with pools, spas, grand reception halls and terraces bring the good life back in perspective. With a touch of indulgent service and unmatched hospitality, your holiday leaves no indulgence spared. Take a Rajasthan Tours and see what a life worth living is all about. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: