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UnCategorized A clay tile roof sitting beautifully atop a lovely high-end residence in Orlando Florida is the kind of thing you see on the covers of architectural magazines, and on design brochures at your local home and building supply outlet. There is no denying that a clay tile roof, in the familiar terra cotta earth tones so prevalent in Spanish mission and southwest architectural designs, evokes feelings of serenity, style, and outright class. Roofing contractors have noticed that clay tile roofs are becoming the quality roofing material of choice for contemporary high-end residential roofing, as well. Clay tile roofs are often the perfect enhancement for new home designs. Terra cotta clay tile roofs Terra cotta clay tile is a baked clay ceramic tile with a very hard consistency that makes it waterproof. In its natural state, it has a natural red-brown color. The red-brown color is a result of the large percentage of iron oxide in the clay, and has been around for centuries. Terra cotta continues to be the most common choice in clay tile roof color, largely because it is an earthy color that matches nicely with bricks and other paving materials so prevalent in landscape design. Clay tile roof colors Clay tile can be glazed with almost any color you desire. Historically, clay was one of the first roofing materials used on family homes, and will likely remain a common roofing material for some time. Its density and waterproof features make it an ideal material to protect your home. Understanding and appreciating the desires of homeowners who want a clay tile roof, but feel terra cotta colors would be inappropriate for modern home designs, clay roof tile manufacturers now offer a wide variety of colors. In addition to traditional terra cotta, pinks, reds, greens, beiges and browns, and blends of two or more colors are available for roofing company to install on your high end residential home. Clay tile roofing Clay tile roofs last a long time, do not burn, and are resistant to rot and insects. The rich color of clay tile roofing adds special beauty to a home. Initial installation is a bit more complicated than some other roofing materials, and expert installation is essential. Clay tile roofs tend to be heavy, so particular attention must be paid to roof pitch and structural stability. Also, clay tiles can be fragile if walked on, so smart homeowners have a qualified roofing expert perform roof maintenance for them. The trusted Orlando Florida clay tile roofing contractors can provide an excellent inspection and maintenance service to ensure your clay tile roof performs as well as it was designed to do. For more information on high end residential roofing, contact the expert tile roofers in Orlando Florida to learn more about how a clay tile roof can add beauty and function to your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: