Chuck Hughes Cash Flow Trader Beware The 2011 Stock Market Crash-baxia

Currency-Trading Many experts believe the global economy is in SERIOUS trouble. The question is: Should that change the way you trade, or not? Chuck Hughes has a great take on it: I suspect that theyre right, but, as a trader, I dont need to know if theyre right, he says. Why? Because I dont rely upon economic analysis to make my trades! He became a seven-time international trading champion by remaining agnostic on a host of issues: Whether the market is going to go up or down. whether gold is overpriced or underpriced whether the dollar is in trouble or is going to recover. This allows Chuck to ignore 99% of what is being written about the markets by analysts and so-called experts. Instead, he focuses on the ONLY thing that matters, and what matters is CASH FLOW where the money is going! Click here to see his latest trading video on how to follow the money. ==> In this new video, Chuck shows you how he uses the same little-understood but publicly accessible DAILY CASH FLOW SIGNAL to collect $5,776,807.63 in actual cash income over the past three years, alone. Its also how He generated $1,023,174 in actual profits in just 26 days of trading. His advisory service recommendations produced only $402,563 in trading profits in 2008 when the stock market crashed and $1,244,575.20 during the 2000-2002 tech wreck, when the S&P 500 plummeted from 1500 to 800. He started out with just a $4,600 trading account, and within his first two years of trading, made over $460,000. If you think theres a secret twist to his trading strategy, youre right. Click here to get Chucks $5 million secret trading strategy. ==> Again, there is NOTHING hypothetical about any of this. In the video and downloads, Chuck shows you his actual brokerage statements tax returns order confirmations fills the whole shebang. He even has audited profit results showing he won SEVEN international trading championships the most recent in 2009, with a documented, one-year return of 122%. Two years earlier, he won with a one-year gain of 225%! Once again, you wont believe your eyes when you check out his newest video. One more cool thing: In this video, Chuck reveals option trading strategies he uses in his advisory service that generated $111,380.50 in profits in January 2011 $13,220.30 in February $22,841.40 in March $26,104.20 in April $8,451.96 in May and $31,521.20 in June. Click here to check it out now. ==> .tinyurl../cashflowtrader About the Author: 相关的主题文章: