Chinese official push two randomized, open to covert operation war – Beijing 9c8996

Chinese official push two randomized, open "to" covert operation "war on the news agency of the new network in Beijing in September 30, (Chen Su) for the enterprise to create a good and fair market environment, the government has been Chinese will put the tube service" as an important measure to improve the ruling ability. As one of the "tube" supporting policies, "a randomized, double open" were widely regarded as the official Chinese to "covert operation" in the war on the move. In March this year, the State Council held a clean government meeting, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that to comprehensively push the double random, open supervision, strengthen the integration of online and offline regulation. 21 this month, the State Council China Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli attended the national teleconference on the implementation of the "double random, public supervision and speech, Li Keqiang made important instructions and stressed that to promote the" double a randomized, open "regulatory reform, to better serve the enterprises and the masses venture in china. "A randomized, double open" refers to the random inspection object, randomly selected law enforcement inspection personnel, inspection and investigation results to the public in a timely manner. Market expectations, through this "random" and "open" way, can change the enterprises to the government offices of enterprises or government review of the law enforcement process of the "acquaintance" and "covert operation" and corruption, create a fair and open market environment. The official media pointed out that the random inspection object, randomly selected for inspection of law enforcement personnel, can greatly compress another attempt of law enforcement personnel and the object to be inspected are deliberately plan space for secret operations, so as to guarantee the market supervision and law enforcement objectively and impartially, objectively also ensure the examination results. In addition, the ‘open’ allows the inspection results to be subject to inspection and supervision of the whole society. Chinese Government Management Research Institute president Tang Renwu said, "a randomized, double open" the introduction and implementation of decentralization, accelerating the transformation of government functions, to promote the "double" development, accelerate the development of new economy, fostering the growth of new energy, improve the total factor productivity, the economic vitality Chinese full burst, all has important significance. For the randomized, open "meaning, Li Keqiang also made clear:" a randomized, double open "is the deepening of decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization of service reform is an important measure, end key things in the post regulation, for fairness, and effectively enhance the regulatory norms. To reduce the burden on enterprises and reduce the abuse of power, are of great significance." It is worth noting that, under the pushing force at the top, China’s various provinces and cities have also begun to start a double random, an open in the layout of government work. Reporters learned that Jiangsu province is currently perfecting more effective safe and fair supervision system, the next stage will be in the implementation of "double random" of the full coverage, the establishment of a unified market supervision information platform, promote the "double random" work of information disclosure, continue to promote the deepening of. Guangdong, 21 prefecture level cities have also been the full implementation of the "double random, an open" supervision, and in the relevant areas of the introduction of supporting measures; the General Administration of Customs has been planning out相关的主题文章: