Chinese faces Cao Yunjin exposed than funny story scripts predecessors Qiushi entertainment Sohu kairui

"Chinese faces" Cao Yunjin exposed than funny story scripts embarrassments predecessors: Cao Yunjin Liu Yuntian, the men’s entertainment Sohu, Sohu Yang Dapeng entertainment news a Chinese face, an encyclopedia, and on Thursday! Also see "Chinese face"! This period of Shandong satellite TV "China face" to a flash, in the wave of public opinion frequently praise or blame the ambiguity of familiar face — Cao Yunjin. Cao Yunjin Tall trees catch much wind not fear pointing this "Chinese face" recording, are catching up with Guo Degang Cao Yunjin # # topped the hot search list, Cao Yunjin just made a new hair white board inch. A young man appeared, was the host Li Yong white ridicule, "Cao Yunjin recently Tall trees catch much wind ah, recently out of someone when you face is not pointing?" Cao Yunjin generous recognition, "the little finger, so accustomed to." Humorous open-minded, attracted the audience laugh. The topic: "the crosstalk Dean Mr. Ma Sanli often take the name from" excuse me, which of the following is not Ma Sanli’s interpretation of his name?" When it comes to dialogue, this is Cao Yunjin, Liu Yuntian long, Li Ai and other members of the women’s team took the opportunity to "fan the flames" to men’s pressure, "this is your professional, wrong is not a shame?" The men’s Yang Dapeng, Cao Yunjin asked: "if you can not resigned to playing second fiddle back here again reported Caiming now, even if you win." Absolutely not, women SNH48 member Xu Yang Yuzhuo mouth, "steamed, steamed, steamed lamb, deer tail paws burnt duck……" Can not help but sigh after 95 of the original flowers are also practiced. This is not a Yang Yuzhuo show, "Martian" characteristics reveal the most incisive, then they ridicule Li Yonglian long, claiming to see Li Yong thought of a song "the wind roar, the horse in the wind in the roar, roar, let Li Yong address him unable to resist sustain the blows. Cao Yunjin burst Shusi comic circle stone predecessors embarrassments expectations "less aggressive" as a professional, Cao Yunjin analysis of the subject about a real experience of veteran Ma Sanli: one day, Ma Sanli performed together with Liu Baorui, Mr. Liu Baorui wore a new pair of shoes, very proud, in the background of showing off, "Oh, I look at the shoes, inline!" Unexpectedly, the rain at the end of the show, we draw water to their homes, Mr. Liu Baorui in front of a variety of new shoes tangled, ah, not willing to give up? What about the water? Here comes Mr. Ma Sanli, "come on, put on me, I’ll give you my old shoes." "Uncle Liu Baorui moved ah, is that right?" "It’s all right. It’s okay. You go with you." Liu Baorui is wearing old shoes back, uncle Ma Sanli immediately put new shoes on? The water went back to Liu Baorui and said "you are not willing to do, I have for you?." Show the famous commentator Shi Shusi also said on the topic, "Ma Sanli’s humor everywhere, with their true comic integrated", Mr Ma Sanli’s biggest characteristic is called "fade funny," he never runs not at others, for all the people he taunts are good, always in self, we hope the comic circle can be more self deprecating, less attack." Hear this word, Cao Yunjin forced a smile, Li Yong generous comfort, "laugh point", as a partner, Liu Yun!相关的主题文章: