China’s first to build two new jack up drilling platform successfully delivered in Dalian – China

China first to build two new jack up drilling platform delivered successfully in Dalian Beijing Beijing in August 25 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) two Super116E Chinese shipyard built for the first time the delivery of the jack up drilling platform "wisdom to lead a happy 1" and "wisdom to lead a happy 2, 25 days at the same time delivery in Liaoning COSCO Dalian, this platform will be used for drilling operations in the west coast of India. "Happiness and wisdom to lead No. 1" and "2 wisdom to lead a happy ship for the British East Fawcett manufacturing company, as COSCO Dalian, leasing Oil and Natural Gas Corp in India. This is the first time China made marine products approved by the India Oil and Natural Gas Corp and used in the India ocean operations. According to reports, the wisdom to lead a happy 1 "and" wisdom to lead a happy 2 "is a new type of self elevating offshore drilling platform, the drilling platform with a total length of 74 meters, width of about 63 meters, water depth of over 100 meters, drilling depth of nearly 1000 meters, suitable for India ocean, the Middle East and Mexico bay. The platform for the hull triangle, the main hull living area can live 120 people, with a kitchen, dining room, medical room, apartment, movie room, gym, can fully meet the needs of the marine life entertainment crew. At present, the international crude oil prices, the world’s marine industry continued to slump, drilling platform operating market remains low. With the delivery of wisdom to lead a happy 1 "and" wisdom to lead a happy 2 ", Dalian COSCO platform class of marine products delivered" zero breakthrough ", and created a two seat China shipyard delivered jack up drilling platform on the same day. Since 2007 to enter the marine manufacturing, COSCO has successfully delivered 53 marine products, products almost cover the "drilling", "oil and gas production" and "auxiliary engineering" of all types, and to the series, the scale of development, become the strongest, the optimal technology China, delivery of one of the sea most of the enterprise products, including many of the world’s first international cutting-edge products, become China marine equipment construction industry leader. In 2012, the world’s first oil cylinder type drilling platform "COSCO Shipyard manufacturing to design 1" construction technology by Chinese marine construction field the first national prize for progress in science and technology. COSCO general manager Liang Yanfeng said, the delivery of two rigs at the same time, to boost China Sea industry morale, further deepen finance cooperation, accelerate the development of marine equipment industry, has positive significance. At the same time to actively promote the cooperation in technical field twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road to promote the "marine engineering, The Belt and Road" implementation of the strategy has a positive leading role. (end)相关的主题文章: