China’s first anti fraud film and television play on the phone-gigolos

China’s first anti fraud in Telecom TV drama even boot before China’s first anti fraud telecommunications network movie + TV series of "cat and mouse" and "unforgiven", "strange number", "love" and "evil" puzzle calls five works at the same time the starting ceremony in Dalian city public security the Bureau command center held. This series of works by the Ministry of Public Security Propaganda Bureau, Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau, the Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly produced, CCTV movie channel, Beijing glory century media Limited by Share Ltd, Limited by Share Ltd, Dalian excellent investment in film and television media Co., Ltd. jointly produced a scene, Hongkong world film company system. This series of telecommunications fraud to face the social hot spot, the creative staff in support of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation and propaganda bureau, which lasted more than a year from the multi angle, multi-level and multi angle display of police and criminal conspiracy, revealing the anti telecommunications fraud of the urgency and complexity and serious. The five works will use three-dimensional full character design, ups and downs of the story, to reproduce the "network era" can not see the opponent’s "empty battle"". Chupin special invitation to the Hongkong film elite production team, Lin Xiaoqiang producer, Peng Shun led production. Director Zang Xichuan, Zhang Yimou served as deputy director in the "Curse of the Golden Flower" "under the Hawthorn Tree" "The Flowers Of War" and many other films, independent director "diving" dream of passion "ong Fengyun" etc.. Qu Shifei, deputy director of Drama Literature Department of Central Academy of Drama, screenwriter of Chinese Television Artists Association, Deputy Secretary General of Specialized Committee, led the script creation. Starred in several hit the mainland actor He Minghan as the actor, actress Wang Ruizi, and Yao Gang, Jinggangshan, Zhang Meng, Tan Kai, Ma Qiang, Ge, Qiao Shan and other actors starred invited. The film is expected to meet with the audience in May next year.

我国首部反电信诈骗影视剧在连开机   日前,我国第一部反电信诈骗系列电视+网络大电影之《猫鼠游戏》、《不可饶恕》、《陌生号码》、《情爱迷局》和《邪恶来电》五部作品同时开机仪式在大连市公安局指挥中心举行。该系列作品由公安部宣传局、公安部刑侦局、大连市公安局联合摄制,央视电影频道节目中心、北京光彩世纪传媒股份有限公司、卓越影视投资股份有限公司、大连景一传媒有限公司联合出品,香港寰宇电影公司承制。   该系列作品直面电信诈骗犯罪这一社会热点,主创人员在公安部宣传局和刑侦局的大力支持下,历时一年多取材,将多角度、多层面、多视角地展示公安民警与犯罪分子的斗智斗勇,揭示反电信诈骗的紧迫性、复杂性和严峻性。五部作品将用立体饱满的人物设计、跌宕起伏的故事情节,再现“网络时代看不见敌手的隔空战役”。出品方特别邀请到香港电影精英制作班底,林小强监制,彭顺领衔摄制。导演臧溪川,曾作为张艺谋的副导演参与了《满城尽带黄金甲》《山楂树之恋》《金陵十三钗》等多部影片,独立执导过《激情跳水梦》《拳霸风云》等。中央戏剧学院戏剧文学系副主任、中国电视艺术家协会编剧专业委员会副秘书长曲士飞领衔剧本创作。主演过多部热播剧的内地演员何明翰出任男主角,女主角王瑞子,另有姚刚、井冈山、张檬、葛天、谭凯、马强、乔杉等演员受邀出演。   影片预计将于明年5月与观众见面。相关的主题文章: