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Travel-and-Leisure 1. About the Beijing flights: The first thing you need to know is that the airfares for USA domestic flights and for international flights are totally different. There is no strict regalation to the domestic airfares,which means the airline .panies can sell the tickets at any price they want. Because of this, the best deal you can get is through the airline website. But for the international airfares, it is another story. The international airfares are still regulated both by international treaties and IATA(International Air Transportation Association). All sales of international tickets at lower price than the official fares are made through travel agencies,not directly by the airline .panies. The price you can get depends on rebating of .missions by travel agents to clients. Here are some Chinese travel agents I re.mend(more information about the Beijing flights at Travel2ChinaInfo Dot .): (1). Namei Travel Group,tel:800-508-6936,718-303-2445 (2). LLL Intl Travel, tel:888-883-8815,800-789-6128,718-886-9884 2. Nightlife in Beijing(info for your China vacations): If music, dance and food is what you are looking for, then head to any of the popular Beijing pubs and bars. The best part of the Nightlife in Beijing is Beijing pubs and bars. Have a rocking time in some of the best bars of the world in Beijing. Here is a list of the pubs and bars in Beijing ( Ranked by myself, it’s based on my personal experience, 🙂 ) (1). MIX: It is the best choice for the hip pop fans. The decoration is very fashionable and it is in the pupolar American style. You can find people from all over the world here in MIX. It is more like an American pub(like Arena of L.A. or Ten 15 of S.F.). Many good hip pop dancers love this place. If you are hungry, you can get very delicious Italian or French food in the second floor of this pub. Here is the address and phone number of MIX: West Gongtibeimen, Beijing. Tel:65302889 / 65302689. (2). Babyface: A spcecail feature of this pub is the huge screen in it. You can see a huge screen behind the DJ and it is a very cool feature of this pub. Sometimes the screen will show some pictures of old video games, very interesting, 🙂 . Bayface has 2 parts, one is for the electronic music and the other is for the hip pop music. There are also some VIP rooms in it. The address and phone number of Babyface: 6 Gongtixilu, Beijing (near the Gongti 100 bowling club), tel: 010-65519081. (3). Angel Club: The boss of this pub is a famous movie star and you may see some movie stars and models in it if you are lucky. There are also Angel Club in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The address is : 6 Gongtixilu, Beijing.(in the south of the Gongti 100 bowling club). Tel: 010-65528888. (4). Coco Banana: The music here is the light music and the decoration is very detail-focused. Coco Banana opens from 20:30 to 04:00(Sunday to Thursday) and 20:30 to 05:00(Friday and Saturday). The address is 8 Gongtixilu, Beijing. Tel: 85999999-34 (5). Cargo Club: Cargo is a good place for the electronic music fans. MIX and Cargo have the same boss and that’s why Cargo does not use the same style as MIX. The music here is House. In the open day of Cargo, the DJ is Deep Dish and lots of good DJs were invited to this pub. Here is the address and phone number: 6 Gongti Xilu,Chaoyang District, Beijing. Tel: 65516878. (6). VICS: VICS’ music is R&B, pop and hip pop. A lot of foreigners love this place and you will see no Chinese people in this pub after 1:00 am. Most people here is good at dancing. The address: East Gongtibeimen, Beijing. Tel: 010-65936215. Copyright belongs to Travel2ChinaInfo Dot . . You can find more information about lhasa travel, tibet travel, china vacations, Beijing flights from our web site. NOTE: Permission is granted by the copyright owner to disseminate this article in whole or in part provided credit is given to the author (with a link to the article’s source URL Travel2ChinaInfo Dot . ) and this NOTE is not removed. More flights,airlines info at: airlines to orlando .And: flights from minneapolis to chicago .And: driving distance orlando to miami . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: