Chengdu King for the disputed territory into the police station have been hit in the new network – j-melia kreiling

Chengdu "King" for the disputed territory into the police station have been hit jingubang bleeding – Beijing Sichuan Chengdu news network November 8th news (reporter Liu Peipei) yesterday afternoon, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau official micro-blog green Chengdu news release: "Mahatma" in order to grab the business, the police sent into a sentence "authenticity". Sichuan news network reporter learned that more than 3 at 6 pm, the people of Chengdu Road police station received the alarm call, on the west side of Chunxi Road is the mall entrance, there are several "Sun Wukong" in the fight. The police rushed to the scene found that 7 "Monkey King", wearing similar and are deaf. As a result, the police also committed a worry: who is beating the "Monkey King", who was playing "monkey king". In order to understand what sequence of events, the police will be 7 "Monkey King" go back to the police station. The old monkey king head bloody Sichuan news network reporter learned from the people’s Road police station, and to the 7 "Monkey King" the smooth exchange of police also specially for sign language teacher. After some exchanges, only to find out the incident. Originally, the 7 "Monkey King" is the two sets of people, all in the Chunxi Road area by juggling and passers-by to take pictures for a living, in order to ensure the good order, each wave of "Monkey King" designated their own sites. In the afternoon, the "Monkey King" fights a thing is because of the disputed territory and. One of the old "Monkey King" was a young monkey king was wounded on the left side of the head with his blood dc. Finally, after the coordination of the police, the two sides agreed. Batterer compensation was hit 1500 yuan medical expenses. (the picture is provided by the police)相关的主题文章: